Professional and Youth Sports Leagues Work Together for Safety

Many professional sports have supportive alliances with youth sports. Learn how the CDC helps.

Many professional sports support and had existing alliances with youth sports, and so, for instance, the National Football League has USA Football, which is for young people in middle school and high school to learn about football and to get out and play and get exercise and have a good experience. So as we were developing our coaches' toolkit and, especially, our youth sports toolkits, they were very helpful and supportive and endorsed our materials. With the NCAA, they approached us and said, "We understand you have these toolkits." NCAA has sports over a wide variety at the different levels of competition throughout the U.S., and they offered us an opportunity to expand our educational reach by having fact sheets for student athletes, for parents of student athletes, as well as coaches. So we have a wide variety of sports represented now in a co-branded, NCAA-CDC line of educational materials. Everything from ice hockey to horseback riding to wrestling--sports that have not gotten the kind of coverage that, say, football has.
Posted on BrainLine May 5, 2011.

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