TBI Basics: What you need to know about brain injury. Start here

TBI Basics

What you need to know about brain injury

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Personal Stories & Blogs

Making Tough Decisions Easier
An open and honest blog about TBI from Nicole Bingaman

Life inside the bubble of brain injury is a roller coaster. In our bubble, the daytime is generally good. Nighttime brings the opposite. Each evening, Taylor's post-injury thought process evolves into a profound sense of sadness, frustration, and defeat. It is hell to witness.

Expert Q&A

Elaine Phillips
Speech-Language Pathologist

I spent last year's holiday season feeling down and depressed because I realized how different things are now after my husband’s brain injury. This year, I'm ready for suggestions on how to move on — doing things that are joyful but which won’t be overwhelming or exhausting. Any ideas?