TBI Basics: What you need to know about brain injury. Start here

TBI Basics

What you need to know about brain injury

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Personal Stories & Blogs

Duane France, Combat Veteran & Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Head Space and Timing
Veterans' Mental Health from a Combat Veteran's Perspective

Working with any client can be challenging, but veterans can be especially difficult because of the warrior culture that they are used to. Here what veterans would like their mental health counselor to know before working with them.

Expert Q&A

Elaine Phillips
Speech-Language Pathologist

My brother had a brain injury six years ago and has been through several periods of rehabilitation to where he now jokes he could be a therapist! He can list all the strategies he is supposed to use to get somewhere on time — like his job — he just doesn’t do them or says they don’t help. Can you give me some insight here?