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TBI Basics

What you need to know about brain injury

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Learning by Accident
A blog about caregiving and TBI from Rosemary Rawlins

We’ve all see that face. The well-meaning face of pity: the downturned brows and lips, the misty eyes. After Hugh’s TBI, I seldom met a friend or acquaintance who did not flash this expression at me every time we met. My daughters felt it, too. The funny thing is, we did not want pity. We’d had our fill of it in the ICU.

Expert Q&A

Celeste  Campbell

My sister was in a car crash a couple of years ago. Since the wreck, her temperament has changed drastically. She is very snappy toward her children and doesn’t seem to get any pleasure out of life. We are all worried about her lack of visible emotion. Any suggestions on how we might help her?