TBI Basics: What you need to know about brain injury. Start here

TBI Basics

What you need to know about brain injury

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Personal Stories & Blogs

Rolling with It
Janna Hockenjos blogs about growing up with her father's TBI

What do you need? You, meaning you reading this blog. Because I promise that there is a way that a yoga practice can give you part of what you need—if not all of it. And I rarely make promises. Ask me. Test me. Try me.

Expert Q&A

Brian Greenwald
Doctor of Physical and Rehablitation Medicine

I was in a coma for three months and my brain was injured on the right side, which affects the left side of my body. I am having difficulty walking because my left side wants to do its own thing. Anything I can be doing to get this under control? I just want to walk "normally" again.