Military and Veterans

Military and Veterans

Help for service members, veterans, national guard, reserve, families, and caregivers

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

TBI and PTSD can be hard to treat, especially when they co-occur. We've gathered information about what PTSD is, what happens when TBI and PTSD co-occur, how TBI and PTSD can affect veterans and their families, and what kind of treatments are most effective.

Military/Veteran Caregiving

Military Caregiving

Are you caring for a service member or veteran who’s recovering from TBI or PTSD? Caregivers play an indispensable role in helping injured veterans to recover more fully and to lead better lives. But caregiving is also an incredibly demanding job. We’ve gathered information about navigating this journey and finding support along the way.

Returning to Work

 Returning to Work for Service Members and Veterans: Accommodations

Finding the right job is never easy, especially when you are moving from the military to the civilian world. Living with the symptoms of TBI can add extra stress to that transition. The information and resources here can help you find and succeed in a job.

Returning to School

Returning to School for Service Members and Veterans

Does the idea of transitioning from military life to the rigors of school or college seem challenging — especially with symptoms from a traumatic brain injury? We have gathered information and resources about how to successfully enroll in or return to school or college.

Veteran Voices

Not everyone who serves comes home. Not all who return come home intact. Visible and invisible wounds change families, sometimes adding challenges, other times opening doors that may not have before existed, oftentimes both.