A brain injury affects not only the injured person but the whole family — from financial challenges and social upheaval to isolation and job loss. In this section for caregivers, family, and friends, you will find basic information about caring for a loved one with TBI; legal and financial guidance; workplace rights for caregivers; support group information; and advice about caregiver burnout among other topics.

What You'll Find Here

Caregiver Basics

Dear Traumatic Brain Injury...
Caring for someone with TBI is often challenging. There’s can be a lot to learn, a lot to manage, and a lot of work. Here’s some basic information about caring for your loved one and finding the support you need.

Family Relationships

Caregiving and Family Concerns After Brain Injury

Whether you’re caring for a partner, a spouse, a parent, or a child, family dynamics will change. We’ve gathered basic information about family relationships and some hard-earned wisdom from caregivers sharing their stories.

Caregiver Emotions

Coping with Hidden Caregiver Emotions

Taking care of someone with TBI or PTSD can be exhausting and enormously stressful. Most caregivers know what it’s like to feel lonely, anxious, depressed, guilty, or angry. Here are some ways to cope with these emotions.

Staying Positive

Staying Positive While Caregiving

Caregiving is a tough job but caregivers say the job can be a little easier if you can find a path toward accepting what you can’t change, sustaining hope, accepting help, and finding some things to be thankful for.

Legal & Finances

Caregiving After TBI: Legal & Financial Concerns
When you care for someone with a brain injury, you can quickly get caught up in complex legal and financial issues—dealing with medical bills, insurance claims, Social Security, estate planning and more.

Military Caregiving

Military Caregiving

Caregivers play an indispensable role in helping injured veterans to recover more fully and to lead better lives. But it’s also an incredibly demanding job. We’ve gathered ideas and information for navigating this journey and finding support along the way