People with Brain Injury

A brain injury can change your life in an instant. In this section for people with brain injury, you’ll find information about getting a good diagnosis, managing and treating your symptoms, and finding help in your own community. We also offer personal stories and blogs from people with ABI and TBI and some guidance on dealing with the social and emotional impact of a brain injury.

What You'll Find Here

Legal & Finances

What Are an Attorney's Obligations When a Client Has Had a Brain Injury?
Steering through financial and legal issues after a brain injury can feel like walking through a maze. Here you will find information and resources for personal finance, health insurance, government benefits, and the law after brain injury.

Community & Support

Community & Support for People with Brain Injury
Everyone needs support after something as traumatic and life changing as a brain injury. Here you will find information on relationships, support, and community. As well as resources to share that may help others understand what it's like to live with a brain injury.