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Self | Sep 21, 2021

"It’s in Your Bones." MacDowell's experiences in childhood led to anxiety and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that still affect her now. 

KTRK-TV / ABC | Sep 21, 2021

Doctors at the J. Flowers Health Institute in Houston say they can fix your brain fog, and even more significantly, your addictions by combining neuroscience and medicine with technology.

NPR Illinois | Sep 21, 2021

Jennifer Hobbs is an Army veteran and the author of "Calmed: Growth After Trauma," a memoir about the trauma she and her husband experienced while deployed in Iraq.

WWL-TV / CBS | Sep 21, 2021

The book is titled, 'When the Lights Went Out: A Story about Hurricane Ida.' -- Download your own copy here.

U.S. News & World Report | Sep 21, 2021

The health effects of 9/11, the COVID-19 pandemic and other traumatic events can be long lasting.

ABC Australia | Sep 20, 2021

Where traditional "equine therapy" uses well-adjusted horses to help people, the Thoroughbred and Veteran Welfare Alliance program uses traumatized thoroughbreds, so that the healing works both ways.

NBC News | Sep 20, 2021

"They show up at the beginning of the day quiet and reserved, and at the end of the day it’s actually hard to peel them away," the executive director said.

PsyPost | Sep 20, 2021

Black women who have experienced more racism throughout their lives have stronger brain responses to threat, which may hurt their long-term health, according to a new study I conducted with clinical neuropsychologist Negar Fani and other colleagues.

The Guardian | Sep 20, 2021

His 2014 book, The Body Keeps the Score, has become a huge pandemic hit, topping bestseller lists this summer and becoming a meme on social media. What does it tell us about the world we live in?

Psychology Today | Sep 20, 2021

Studies show trauma-focused treatments for PTSD are preferred by most patients. -- For more information and where to find treatment for PTSD, visit The Treatment Hub.

BBC | Sep 17, 2021

Professor Willie Stewart from Glasgow University has published research showing that footballers are up to five times more likely to suffer from dementia than the general population.

KSHB / NBC | Sep 17, 2021

In these challenging times, a Kansas City-based organization called Team Fidelis is working to spread the word about its resources to help prevent military suicides.

Insider | Sep 16, 2021

Dave Shade is a former paratrooper who now owns a dog-training company, At Attention Dog Training. | Sep 16, 2021

Connectedness among community organizations and social institutions is vital in combating the rising rate of suicide.

Forbes | Sep 16, 2021

The media, politicians, and the American public are contributing to this veteran suicide crisis by compounding moral injury—a major factor in veteran suicide. 

WPVI / ABC | Sep 16, 2021

"One thing that I always try to do is create a community," he said. "And luckily, I fell into one on TikTok."

Psychology Today | Sep 16, 2021

More and more, body-centered approaches have become a key component of trauma therapy, and addressing the dissociative fragmentation between mind, spirit, and body is a key part of healing.

KSAT / ABC | Sep 15, 2021

The organization will save dogs from ACS and train them to be therapy dogs.

WYMT / CBS | Sep 15, 2021

The first responders are constantly answering our calls and responding to emergencies, but that can take a toll especially when it comes to mental health. -- For more information about treatments for PTSD please visit The Treatment Hub.

The Hill | Sep 15, 2021

In a study of people ages 12 to 25, people who used screens took eight days to recover, while people who didn’t took 3.5 days.

Fast Company | Sep 14, 2021

Employees may fear their health is at risk, and/or may be dealing with the trauma of losing a loved one to COVID-19.

WTVR / CBS | Sep 14, 2021

'The Afghanistan pull out, I think how that went down has been very difficult for some.'

Michigan Radio / NPR | Sep 14, 2021

Galea and his team also found that people who had a closer experience of the 9/11 attacks — say those who worked in the buildings, or people who lost loved ones — were at a higher risk of having PTSD and depression.

U.S. News & World Report | Sep 14, 2021

College athletes who suffer a concussion may take as long as a month to recover, not the two weeks considered normal, new research finds.

NBC News | Sep 13, 2021

The 2019 study also examined a connection between autoimmune diseases and PTSD, one of the most common post-9/11 mental health diagnoses, which has been associated with autoimmunity problems in several studies. Community members with PTSD were nearly three times as likely to develop autoimmune diseases, researchers found.