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The New York Times | Nov 29, 2023

What does it mean to be a writer when my words have vanished? How a Traumatic Brain Injury Changed Me.

PBS NewsHour | Nov 27, 2023

For years, researchers have studied the effects repeated blows to the head have on athletes in pro football, hockey, soccer and other sports. Now, researchers at Boston University are conducting the first major study of CTE, the degenerative brain disease linked to repeated hits to the head, in athletes who died before their 30th birthday.

The New York Times | Nov 27, 2023

Pentagon researchers say weapons like shoulder-fired rockets expose troops who fire them to blast waves far above safety limits, but they remain in wide use.

The New York Times | Nov 20, 2023

Wyatt Bramwell began playing tackle football in third grade and became a star on his high school team. But he had a secret.

NBC News | Oct 24, 2023

Women who followed a Mediterranean diet — which includes fruits, vegetables and fish — experienced fewer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

KETC | ABC | Oct 20, 2023

Veterans may have something called delayed post-traumatic stress disorder. It can hit years after they go through an incident. -- Read more on PTSD

Neuroscience News | Oct 20, 2023

Eubacterium eligens, a bacteria positively associated with key components of the Mediterranean diet, showed consistent negative correlation with PTSD symptoms.

WTOP | Oct 17, 2023

It’s through a program called PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere). “We use golf as a modality to help veterans recover from whatever they’re dealing with,” said PGA of America military and veteran liaison Chris Nowak.

ABC News | Oct 17, 2023

"Some people can get PTSD by witnessing horrific events and I think now with social media, we see it now with the conflicts in Middle East, is really facilitating a lot of visuals that most people in the past weren't able to see," he said.

The New York Times | Oct 17, 2023

A team of scientists is proposing a new explanation for some cases of long Covid, based on their findings that serotonin levels were lower in people with the complex condition. -- Read more on how to treat long Covid

ADDitude Magazine | Oct 10, 2023

The anesthetic ketamine has skyrocketed in popularity as a fast, effective, often expensive treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Here, readers share their experiences. -- Read more on psychedelics as a treatment for PTSD.

The Atlantic | Oct 10, 2023

Many people with head injuries aren’t even being told about potentially helpful treatments. -- For more treatments visit The Treatment Hub.


WCNC | NBC | Oct 4, 2023

Research shows veterans experiencing PTSD can be helped by pairing them with specially trained service dogs

SOFREP | Oct 4, 2023

For many, a battlefield injury might conjure images of physical wounds, perhaps a soldier on crutches or with a scar. However, some of the most devastating injuries remain invisible to the naked eye. Blast exposures and TBIs fall squarely in this category. 

NPR | Oct 4, 2023

The terms "moral distress" and "moral injury" were first used in a military context to characterize the torment felt by soldiers as they tried to process and justify their actions amid the cruelty of war.

USA Today | Oct 4, 2023

Every day nearly 17 U.S. military veterans take their own lives. According to the Veterans Administration, that number is 20 if you include active-duty service members. -- If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 988, the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, or visit

Task & Purpose | Oct 2, 2023

Researchers, advocates, and families of victims are working to establish - and break - a link between Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBIs, and veteran suicide rates. | Oct 2, 2023

Thousands of Air Force veterans who received less-than-honorable discharges due to post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury or other mental health conditions, as well as sexual assault or harassment, will have those separations automatically reviewed due to a new legal settlement.

PsyPost | Oct 2, 2023

Not everyone responds the same way to concussion. At present, there are few reliable indicators of who will suffer specific or long-term effects.

Texas Public Radio | Oct 2, 2023

Researchers from Southwest Research Institute and The University of Texas at San Antonio are developing techniques to detect traumatic brain injury by analyzing breath for specific biomarkers.

The New York Times | Oct 2, 2023

Results of a new study may offer regulators enough evidence to allow the psychedelic, also known as Ecstasy, to be considered for use as a PTSD treatment. -- Read more on psychedelics as treatment for PTSD.

CNN | Oct 2, 2023

Coping with losing a loved one to suicide is intense, but there are ways you can get through it.

KXAS | NBC | Sep 19, 2023

New research shows ketamine might actually help kids heal after a traumatic brain injury.

The Washington Post | Sep 19, 2023

A study of twins who served in World War II showed that traumatic brain injuries are associated with faster rates of cognitive decline as we age

The New York Times | Sep 18, 2023

Some neurosurgeons are testing an acrylic prosthesis that lets them peer into patients’ heads with ultrasound.