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U.S. News and World Report | Apr 6, 2020

In the years since he had returned from Vietnam, Elmer “Snubby” Burket was a self-described workaholic, raising a son, keeping up his house and always taking jobs where he could be by himself as he tried to put the war behind him.

Curbed | Apr 3, 2020

“It will get easier after you adjust,” says Amanda Chicago Lewis

Complex | Apr 1, 2020

Today, the Game of Thrones star announced that 12 random people will get to win a virtual dinner with her. She’s asking people to donate money to her charity SameYou, which helps people heal from brain injuries and strokes. Pledges will be used to assist brain injury survivors in recuperating at home, who have been asked to leave hospitals to make room for coronavirus patients.

CNBC | Mar 30, 2020

Researchers are warning that the coronavirus pandemic could inflict long-lasting emotional trauma on an unprecedented global scale. They say it could leave millions wrestling with debilitating psychological disorders while dashing hopes for a swift economic recovery.

The Hill | Mar 30, 2020

Patients with disabilities must receive the same level of lifesaving medical treatment from hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic as able-bodied patients, the Trump administration said.

U.S. News and World Report | Mar 30, 2020

"This study challenges current perceptions that most people with a sports-related mTBI recover within 10 to 14 days," said lead author Dr. Stephen Kara, from Axis Sports Medicine in Auckland, New Zealand.

Forbes | Mar 23, 2020

Many people think the word “disability” means people who require a wheelchair or walker. In reality, however, there is much more to disability than meets the eye. 

BBC News | Mar 17, 2020

When Olympic gold medallist Shona McCallin was hit on the side of her head by a seemingly innocuous shoulder challenge, she suffered what was originally thought to be a concussion.

CBC | Mar 10, 2020

Suicide attempts common in post-concussion patients, says Dr. Charles Tator of the Canadian Concussion Centre

CBC | Mar 9, 2020

By turning 'Stella' into a punchline, laughter became my medicine and sharing my story became my therapy

CBC | Mar 9, 2020

'It can happen to you anywhere, at any moment, and just change your world'

BBC News | Mar 9, 2020

Following an accident in 2016 that left her with a brain injury, Joy was forced to change her lifestyle and spending habits. Over to Joy....

U.S. News and World Report | Mar 6, 2020

Health care providers should assess fall risk and promote participation in fall-prevention programs, researchers say. | Mar 6, 2020

Troops may someday deploy wearing small devices to help determine their risk of developing a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

CBC | Mar 4, 2020

Former NHLer's family is taking the league to court

Psychology Today | Mar 3, 2020

Research shows homeless people experience brain injury at a higher rate.

CBC | Mar 2, 2020

Big questions surround the most influential concussion research on the planet

CBC | Mar 2, 2020

'The department is disconnected from ... what goes on in injured veterans' households,' says one spouse

PBS Newshour | Feb 28, 2020

Your great-grandfather’s World War I helmet that’s stuffed in the back of the closet could be just as effective at preventing brain injury from some blasts as a modern-day military helmet, a recently published study from Duke University researchers suggests.

The Guardian | Feb 28, 2020

At the inquest into the death of Sydney boxer Davey Browne, journalist and boxer Stephanie Convery’s anger rose. The industry had failed to protect its own

CBC | Feb 28, 2020

Lead researcher says test, which allows players to stay laced up, may reduce under-reporting of symptoms.

CBC | Feb 27, 2020

"Caregivers themselves get ill, because caregiving is such a difficult job. And so [while] we're busy worrying about our patients, we have to make sure as therapists we look up and see the caregivers and their needs, too."

Yahoo! Lifestyle | Feb 27, 2020

Doug’s serendipitous arrival came shortly before a time of great upheaval in my life. Unbeknownst to me, I was struggling with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder.

The New York Times | Feb 27, 2020

For years, leaders of Australia’s national sport have tried to play down connections between their sport and degenerative brain diseases. Now one of the game’s legends was found to have had C.T.E.

Yahoo! Lifestyle | Feb 26, 2020

The easiest way to explain what happens inside my head, is by explaining it in this general idea:

There is a PTSD Katie, and a regular Katie.