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The Conversation | Jan 18, 2022

Beyond PTSD - interpersonal trauma can lead to depression, anxiety, problems regulating emotions, substance use disorders, eating disorders, problems with attention, relationships, sexuality, violence in intimate relationships, suicidality and many stress-mediated physical illnesses.

Defense News | Jan 18, 2022

Throw away those caffeine pills and that DFAC coffee - better brain stimulation may be on the way from the Army and Air Force.

BBC | Jan 18, 2022

A woman has told how she woke up in hospital after brain surgery with no memory of the previous seven months.

Psychology Today | Jan 14, 2022

Learned helplessness is a default state that undermines brain injury recovery.

WNBC / NBC | Jan 14, 2022

Researchers found a 'striking similarity' between neurological impacts of COVID and the cancer treatment side effect known as 'chemo brain'

The Washington Post | Jan 14, 2022

Through performance and discussion, soldiers find new meaning in ancient Greek drama

Medical Xpress | Jan 13, 2022

Adults who were abused or mistreated as a child and consequently suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can benefit greatly from cognitive behavioral therapy.

Psychology Today | Jan 13, 2022

Psychosis following traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a rare, but serious condition. This article lists key factors differentiating TBI-psychosis from schizophrenia.

WTMJ / NBC | Jan 13, 2022

Just like athletes in traditional sports, wheelchair athletes can suffer traumatic brain injuries, too. Local doctors are taking the lead in concussion research for athletes with disabilities.

KCRW / NPR | Jan 13, 2022

Brain fog can happen when the pandemic brings both stress and monotony, explains Michael Yassa, director of UC Irvine Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.

BBC | Jan 11, 2022

A former soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder has built a castle on a hillside to help others struggling with their mental health.

NTV / ABC | Jan 11, 2022

The network provides tips like helping to find a job and knowing your disability rights.

The New York Times | Jan 11, 2022

A new book offers guidance on how family members can support a critically ill loved one who ends up in the hospital’s intensive care unit. | Jan 11, 2022

Since 2014, the Department of Defense and the NCAA have been working together as part of the NCAA-DOD Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium, which brought over thirty colleges and universities together, including the four military service academies, to conduct the largest research study of its type to better understand the effects of concussions and repetitive head impact exposure on the brain health of student-athletes. Surprisingly, data shows that many service members’ head injuries actually occur in situations outside of combat.

WPVI / ABC | Jan 10, 2022

Learn why slips, trips, and falls are such serious wintertime safety hazards and where you can find the best treatment for injuries caused by falling on ice and snow.

ABC News | Jan 10, 2022

How a Marine who served four deployments is using his experience to help those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

KSAT / ABC | Jan 10, 2022

Meditation can help you focus, keep calm and could improve the way your brain works.  -- For more information on Meditation for brain injury or PTSD please visit The Treatment Hub.

The Marshall Project | Jan 7, 2022

I know firsthand what it’s like to navigate the criminal justice system with a brain injury caused by domestic violence. I also live with the fact that an injury like mine can turn a victim into a perpetrator.

USA Today | Jan 7, 2022

Magic mushrooms for your well-being? If you haven't heard about psychedelics being used as a treatment for mental health disorders, this year may change that.

NPR | Jan 7, 2022

Service dogs have long helped veterans with physical disabilities. While there have been stories about veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder being transformed by service animals, the peer-reviewed science wasn't there to back up the claims. Health reporter Stephanie O'Neill reports that's changed in recent years. 

Roll Call | Jan 6, 2022

Demand for mental health support soared after the insurrection and kept going strong. | Jan 6, 2022

The Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to drop copayments for outpatient appointments and decrease medication copays for veterans considered at high risk for suicide.

SELF | Jan 6, 2022

Bowe's story draws attention to the serious side effects of concussions—which disproportionately affect women. 

The San Diego Union-Tribune | Jan 5, 2022

Exercise can freshen and renovate the white matter in our brains, potentially improving our ability to think and remember as we age, according to a study of walking, dancing and brain health. -- For more on how exercise can help treat brain injury or PTSD visit The Treatment Hub>

CBS Sports | Jan 5, 2022

Cameron Rising's apparent head injury in the Rose Bowl has kicked off conversations