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PBS NewsHour | Apr 9, 2021

A recent lesson on the French horn. It's known as a difficult instrument to play and master, and, for this amateur musician, it represents a kind of miracle.

Los Angeles Times | Apr 9, 2021

There are now movements to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms in over 100 cities.

WCBE | Apr 8, 2021

A powerful portrait series featuring Veterans and their struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder opens this weekend at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio.

The Wall Street Journal | Apr 7, 2021

Cognitive problems are among the most persistent and common lasting effects of Covid. Now some patients are getting help from brain rehab programs.

Scientific American | Apr 6, 2021

Vinod Menon, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine, praised the researchers for “[uncovering] a potential brain circuit mechanism underlying individual differences in dissociative symptoms in adults with early-life trauma and PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder].”

WHYY Wisconsin  | Apr 6, 2021

Rabinowitz partnered with George Collier of the Shepherd Center in Atlanta to create RehaBot, a motivational text message chatbot that helps people who have had traumatic brain injuries keep appointments and get reminders. It also assists with mental health check-ins between therapy sessions.

BBC | Apr 6, 2021

NHS England said care would be provided for a "wide range of mental health issues from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after giving birth to others with a severe fear of childbirth," for 1,001 days from conception.

ABC Australia | Apr 5, 2021

"I can say that without doing that I certainly wouldn't be here … that's a story I have had from a few others," she says.

CBC | Apr 5, 2021

Author Debbie Samson's new book is her life story about living with complex PTSD.

Federal News Network | Apr 5, 2021

The Defense Department will soon release a plan that it is calling a “paradigm shift” in how it approaches brain health in the military. The strategy moves away from the old way of addressing dangerous exposures to the brain as single, standalone incidents, and instead considers those exposures in a broad spectrum over a service member’s career.

WPR - Wisconsin Public Radio | Apr 5, 2021

First Of Its Kind In The US, The Online Program Begins This Fall

WSMV | Apr 2, 2021

"52% of warriors said their mental health was worse as a result of social distancing," she said. "61% said they felt disconnected from friends, family, the community."

ABC News | Apr 2, 2021

The trial of the killing of George Floyd is especially hard for Black Americans.

CNN | Apr 2, 2021

Millions have survived Covid-19 hospitalization, and, for most, the acute physical symptoms have gone away. But many continue to endure the emotional and psychological trauma that comes with having Covid-19. 

The New York Times | Apr 1, 2021

Across the country, doctors who are treating people with post-Covid neurological symptoms say the study’s findings echo what they have been seeing.

MPR News | Mar 31, 2021

Oscar spent weeks in a coma after contracting COVID-19 and is still dealing with some of the long-term physical and psychological effects.

Stars and Stripes | Mar 31, 2021

The documentary “Wounded Heroes,” released on numerous online streaming services March 5, includes interviews with about two dozen veterans and first responders who detail their struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.

PsyPost | Mar 30, 2021

New neuroimaging research offers preliminary evidence that childhood maltreatment amplifies the impact of combat exposure trauma.

ABC Australia | Mar 30, 2021

Now experts fear people who did not seek help for domestic violence last year, during COVID-19, may be living with unknown brain trauma, which can have devastating long-term health consequences if untreated.

USA Today | Mar 30, 2021

When Black teenagers talk about how George Floyd’s death affected them, many use the same word: trauma.

Military Times | Mar 30, 2021

Kimberly DeFiori shares the trauma she experienced in Afghanistan so that other veterans and first responders aren’t afraid to ask for help.

The Guardian | Mar 30, 2021

Head of Royal College of Psychiatrists warns that the emotional toll from the pandemic could last for years

ESPN | Mar 26, 2021

Players from two Premier League clubs will wear mouthguards embedded with microchips in training sessions to help monitor the impact of headers as part of research into brain injuries, the BBC reported.

Federal News Network | Mar 26, 2021

Medical practitioners at the Veterans Health Administration’s Center of Excellence in Palo Alto are acting on the idea that encouraging veterans to share their stories can help. They’ve teamed with the non-profit TeachAids to develop a project called the Crash Course Concussion Story Wall. 

WOKV | Mar 26, 2021

The Wounded Warrior Project is addressing potential long-term effects of traumatic brain injury by collaborating with the Concussion Legacy Foundation to help enlist people to enroll in brain research.