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Forbes | Mar 28, 2024

Today, MDMA is probably best known as a “party drug,” more likely to be passed around on a sticky dance floor under UV lights than in the psychiatrist's office. But after decades of prohibition scientists have begun to rediscover its potential—along with a number of other psychedelic drugs—in the treatment of complex trauma-related mental health conditions.

The Seattle Times | Mar 28, 2024

American athletic trainers are getting behind guidelines that could allow students who sustain a concussion to return to class and physical activity sooner. A statement published Tuesday in the Journal of Athletic Training encourages practitioners to consider the psychological effects on students if they are kept out of school while they recover.

Forbes | Mar 27, 2024

In one of the biggest football rule changes in recent years, NFL team owners approved a major overhaul to the kickoff play on Tuesday morning, borrowing a play design modeled by the rival XFL in a bid to reduce head injuries, as concerns over on-field concussions and lasting effects of CTE continue to mount.

American Council on Science and Health | Mar 27, 2024

A web of altered neurochemical pathways and physical brain changes result in post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. The interplay between cortisol dysregulation, heightened norepinephrine levels, and structural alterations in key brain regions make some individuals more susceptible to PTSD than others.

The New York Times | Mar 26, 2024

Rob C., a firefighter in Idaho, undergoes psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in an attempt to address his PTSD.

Michigan Chronicle | Mar 25, 2024

Black veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder were more likely to be rehospitalized after a stroke than white veterans and Black veterans without PTSD, a new study has found. The study, which reviewed data from more than 93,000 veterans, was published Thursday in the American Heart Association journal Stroke. Previous studies have shown that people with PTSD have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke and that they have strokes at younger ages than the general population. Studies also have shown that Black adults have a higher risk of rehospitalization after stroke. But this is one of the first studies to analyze how PTSD affects what happens after a stroke. | Mar 25, 2024

When it comes to the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture, all that’s old is new again. Since his hiring three years ago, Dr. Jeremiah Krieger, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VAGLAHS), has been embracing the time-honored practice and using it to treat Veterans’ pain, PTSD, and more.

Cleveland Clinic | Mar 25, 2024

Cleveland Clinic researchers are actively studying the use of psychedelics, like mushrooms and LSD, to treat certain mental health issues, and so far, the findings seem to show potential. “They seem to allow the brain to enter a state where it becomes more flexible, and it’s easier for a period afterwards, possibly weeks to months, to learn new things,” explained Brian Barnett, MD, psychiatrist for Cleveland Clinic. “And so, it’s easier to make changes to how you view the world, how you view your interaction with the world, and also, it’s easier if you are in therapy to take what you are learning in therapy and apply it in your everyday life.” Dr. Barnett said a lot of the research out there on psychedelics has centered around anxiety, depression and post-traumatic disorder.

WBRC | Mar 25, 2024

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and the CDC recently recognized domestic violence as a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. Experts say domestic violence survivors who suffer a TBI are more likely to be diagnosed with PTSD and depression, and they say any brain injury can leave you suffering with severe headaches, dizziness and cognitive issues. One medical expert says this kind of awareness is the first step in the right direction to getting victims the help they need.

The Guardian | Mar 25, 2024

The Football Association “was always fully aware” of the risk of concussion and brain injury to players as early as the 1980s but failed to take steps to improve safety, the high court has been told. Lawyers representing several ­former footballers and their ­families have said in court documents that minutes from an FA committee ­meeting in 1983 “indicate” it knew of the risk posed by head injuries “but failed to take action to reduce the risk of players to the lowest reasonable level.”

MSNBC | Mar 25, 2024

The NHL loves its players and the positives they bring to the league: good publicity, lots of money, sponsors and fans. The league directly profits from its players and what they do on the ice — including the always popular fights that involve adult men punching one another in the face and bone-crunching. But what happens after? 

News-Medical | Mar 25, 2024

Neuroscientists at Scripps Research have found that inhibiting neurons involved in the body's stress response may reduce alcohol consumption in people who have both post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD)-;even if they still experience trauma-related anxiety. | Mar 25, 2024

Traumatic brain injuries, including concussion, may lead to hearing and vision problems. Sometimes, these hearing and vision injuries are either not immediately apparent or require additional testing to be diagnosed, according to experts from the Defense Health Agency. These injuries may show up together.

CNN | Mar 8, 2024

A clinical trial’s encouraging results won US Food and Drug Administration breakthrough therapy status for an LSD formulation to treat generalized anxiety disorder, Mind Medicine Inc. announced Thursday. 

The Washington Post | Mar 7, 2024

De-prescribing is the critical art of knowing when a drug or other treatment has served its purpose and can be safely stopped.

The New York Times | Mar 7, 2024

A laboratory found a pattern of cell damage that has been seen in veterans exposed to weapons blasts, and said it probably played a role in symptoms the gunman displayed before the shooting.

Neuroscience News | Mar 5, 2024

Researchers pioneered the use of spatial omics and deep learning to craft 3D molecular maps of the brain, offering new insights into its function across different scales.

Good Morning America | Feb 21, 2024

Means said doctors told her they did not think her daughter would survive. For the next five years, while Flewellen remained in a coma, defined medically as the state of being unconscious and unresponsive to stimuli, Means maintained her belief in her daughter's ability to recover.

Science Alert | Feb 1, 2024

Scientists are looking for ways to prevent or delay dementia – and it appears that playing a musical instrument could be one approach worth exploring.


The Washington Post | Jan 31, 2024

The ‘landmark’ deal promised payouts for suffering players. But strict guidelines, aggressive reviews and a languishing doctors network have led to denials for hundreds of players diagnosed with dementia, including many who died with CTE.

NPR | Jan 26, 2024

A students participate in mindfulness sessions in class at Patricia J. Sullivan Partnership School in Tampa, Fla. Students say the daily lessons help them cope with their feelings.

Medical Xpress | Jan 26, 2024

To help them relearn how to navigate, neuroscientist Milan van der Kuil has developed a virtual game that serves as rehabilitation therapy.

Futurity | Jan 26, 2024

Researchers have discovered a new function for a common protein in the brain.

News Medical Life Sciences | Jan 26, 2024

Treatment was found to be effective at reducing depression, post-traumatic stress and high-risk drinking.

Yahoo! | Jan 26, 2024

"I felt as though something had been taken from me: the first, sacred moments between mother and child that I had dreamt of throughout my entire pregnancy."