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Military Times | Feb 14, 2020

A recent study conducted by researchers at New York University and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has led many to believe the leading evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD do not work for up to two-thirds of patients.

Our findings at Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) show very different results for veterans participating in our two- and three-week intensive outpatient programs (IOP) provided by our Warrior Care Network academic medical center (AMC) partners at Emory University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Rush University, and UCLA Health. They all use tailored combinations of evidence-based, complementary, and alternative therapies within the IOP.

The New York Times | Feb 13, 2020

In September 2018, just before senior day for college football, Evan Hansen opened his laptop and looked up C.T.E.

The New York Times | Feb 12, 2020

The number of troops injured has steadily increased since the Jan. 8 attack.

The Washington Post | Feb 10, 2020

Ryan Larkin’s repeated exposure to blast waves severely damaged his brain by causing microscopic tears in the tissue, internal lining and blood vessels.

The Hill | Feb 10, 2020

The House passed a bill Wednesday that would allow the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to begin a project connecting service dogs and veterans.

The New Yorker | Feb 3, 2020

Players, coaches, and parents must wrestle with a disturbing combination of hazard and uncertainty.

The Washington Post | Feb 3, 2020

 The issue of long-lasting injuries, particularly concussion and its ramifications, looms ever larger for anyone looking to take up a contact sport, either as an amateur or a pro. 

Yahoo! Lifestyle | Feb 3, 2020

The first time I remember my post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affecting me during sex, my partner threw me onto the bed and then I started sobbing. This is when I had to come to terms with the fact that the sexual abuse I experienced as a child still affected me as an adult. 

The New York Times | Feb 3, 2020

The spotlight on brain injuries suffered by American troops in Iraq this month is an example of America's episodic attention to this invisible war wound, which has affected hundreds of thousands over the past two decades but is not yet fully understood.

NPR | Jan 30, 2020

The number of U.S. service members diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after Iranian missile attacks earlier this month has risen to 50 — up from the 34 reported last week. 

BBC News | Jan 27, 2020

A pioneer of women's football has become the first female player to publicly blame her dementia on years of heading the ball.

CNN Health | Jan 27, 2020

Almost three dozen US service members were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after the Iranian missile attack earlier this month, the Pentagon said Friday.

Traumatic brain injuries are serious. They're also on the rise.

CNET | Jan 27, 2020

VR tools can educate athletes on brain injuries and help others empathize with those experiencing symptoms, developers said.

The Washington Post | Jan 24, 2020

The Pentagon said Friday that 34 U.S. service members were diagnosed with varying degrees of brain injuries after the Iranian ballistic missile attack in Iraq this month, upping the number of service members understood to be injured by explosions.

The New York Times | Jan 23, 2020

The deputy commander of the American-led operation in Iraq said the Pentagon was putting service members through medical examinations to see if they had traumatic brain injuries.

The Military Times | Jan 22, 2020

President Trump said Wednesday that he didn’t consider the traumatic brain injuries reported by U.S. troops following an Iranian rocket attack to be serious.

Yahoo! Lifestyle | Jan 16, 2020

The last thing those of us with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) want is attention — the first thing we want is support, the feeling of landing on something solid after falling so far down the rabbit hole.

The Washington Post | Jan 13, 2020

Why we should listen to what Rep. Ilhan Omar knows about war.

The New York Times | Jan 13, 2020

Nolan Turner caught a game-clinching interception to send Clemson to college football’s title game. Kevin Turner, his father, played in the N.F.L. and died after battling a disease associated with blows to the head.

CNN Health | Jan 10, 2020

Almost 2 million people in Hong Kong – about a third of its adult population – are estimated to have experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during months of social unrest in the city, according to research published Friday in The Lancet medical journal.

Stars and Stripes | Jan 9, 2020

Service members who suffered moderate to severe traumatic brain injury in combat have significantly higher incidence of mental health disorders in following years as compared to warfighters who sustained other traumatic injuries, a study found.

HuffPost | Jan 6, 2020

These flashbacks are like unprompted, extremely vivid memories that I can’t help but watch on repeat. They also take me back to how I felt in that moment ― the shaking legs, accelerated heartbeat and the overwhelming feeling that I am not safe. 

Yahoo! Lifestyle | Jan 2, 2020

I’m 14 months post-car accident, which is how I sustained my second TBI (traumatic brain injury). This time around, I had a mild injury, versus the moderate one I experienced 22 years prior in another car accident. With no broken bones or internal bleeding, I returned to work in less than a week. Of course, I didn’t know, nor could the doctors predict the extent my TBI would change my life going forward.

The New York Times | Dec 30, 2019

Two mothers blamed the youth football organization for the deaths of their sons, who were found to have a degenerative brain disease after a fatal motorcycle crash and suicide.

Yahoo! Lifestyle | Dec 27, 2019

Have you ever heard the saying “perfect is the enemy of the good?” This truism is never truer than when recovering from a brain injury.