Is It a Memory Problem or Something Else?

Dr. David Arciniegas shares medical issues after a brain injury that are often mistaken as a "memory problem."

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Posted on BrainLine March 12, 2018.

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I found this subject very interesting. I have had a large tumor removed almost two years ago. There is still a residual piece left by the optic nerves. Since the 7 1/2 hour surgery I have experienced the things you mention in the tape. I continue to label it memory issues, for which there is no help. I also clarify it is not Alzheimer's, since my long term memory is fine. I can see how it can be not being able to pay attention, lack of speed of processing, word finding, stress or depression. This short sound really made me feel better. I wish there was a way to solve these issues. I see a neurologist but there seems to be no hope or help. Please post another video with some suggestions. Thank you very much.