Recommendations for Young Athletes

Youth athletes need to be removed from play and evaluated by a TBI specialist after a hit to the head.

We recommend that the young person be removed from play for evaluation by a healthcare provider that has experience and training in the area of concussion and concussion management. And so this is a change for individuals who may have believed that a concussion doesn't occur unless there's a loss of consciousness. And we know scientifically that concussions can occur without a loss of consciousness. So that's one of the new learnings for many of the coaches that do take a look at our toolkits and implement them at their schools. We have done a number of evaluations with coaching groups, and that was a new finding for many of them. In addition to our toolkits, we now offer professional education for coaches and trainers free of charge on our website.
Posted on BrainLine May 5, 2011.

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