Concussions and Contact Sports

People need to know that a concussion can be a serious event, repetitive concussions even more so. Proper recovery is essential to outcome.

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The takeaway message here for anyone participating in contact sports is to understand that concussion can be a serious event in and of itself and with multiple concussions over time. So being educated regarding the significance of concussion is important and being able to recognize it and what are the symptoms that are associated with that. Understanding that, and then practicing the one-and-done type of philosophy will protect more athletes than anything else we can do. In identifying a concussion, we use the terms 'when in doubt, sit it out'. But once you are sitting it out, once you've determined that the person has had a concussion, they should not return to game play that day. They should also be evaluated over time to determine when it's safe to return to play.
Posted on BrainLine October 20, 2010. Reviewed December 20, 2017.

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