Important to Build on Pre-Injury Strengths After a Combat-Related TBI

Vets and service members need help after injury not only to build on the strengths they once had but also to realize how to grow and change from there. Navy veteran Derek McGinnis shares his experience.

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Highlighting who the veteran was before, how can you still be that person? What cultural competence, what support, where do they come from, who they are a little bit. Try to get as much information of who they were before that injury and build upon those strengths in the recovery phase. Also helping a veteran or service member find acceptance. Once we can grieve who we were prior to the injury and we can process that I believe--and even in my perspective I can grow from it, and I'm not trying to say that all that pain and all the things that come with it will go away, but it's a place to start to continue to grow.
Posted on BrainLine July 3, 2012.

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