Connecting with Other Vets After Brain Injury on Facebook

Facebook and other social media sites are effective ways for military vets like Navy veteran Derek McGinnis to connect with other vets who are experiencing the same challenges post-injury, post-deployment.

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They look each other up on Facebook, and they find "Hey, I wonder what George or the Sergeant is doing?" or whoever is doing. They find each other on Facebook. There are other websites out there. I've heard of Together We Serve. A lot of people connect on that. Of course, MySpace. Other people connect on that and then reunion sites like 1st Marine Division. Whatever unit it is they have some reunion sites, but the biggest one that I've encountered with our returning veterans is definitely Facebook and different social media outlets because they can--it's what's going on with them right now, and that's what they understand, and they can find each other. "Hey, who else is on here, who else is out here?" and connect. That's really the main one that I've been successful with where I've seen-- I can't say I'm successful with--where veterans that have been successful connecting. I've personally been successful with connecting with other veterans as well.
Posted on BrainLine July 3, 2012.

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