Derek McGinnis: I'm Not the Only One with a Brain Injury

Realizing you are not the only one with a brain injury gives you the ability to get insight into the injury-related challenges, get help, make a plan, and carry on from there. Navy veteran Derek McGinnis shares his experience.

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Realizing I'm not the only one. I'm not alone, which is crucial for especially people in outlying areas. I'm not the only one, and I have the ability to learn about it, to get insight about it and to choose to use the strategies. One of the things I did do with me was my cultural competence. Well, even in the military, if a situation happens you react to it. You do your after action, and you keep moving forward to a direction that can correct it as best as possible, so I kind of held on to that. It is what it is. Let's carry on.
Posted on BrainLine July 3, 2012.

Produced by Brian King and Vicky Youcha, BrainLine.

About the author: Derek McGinnis, MSW

Derek McGinnis is an Iraq War combat veteran serving in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. He currently serves combat veterans and their families at the Modesto Vet Center. He advocates for veterans coping with pain through the American Pain Foundation and is the author of a book on pain management.

Derek  McGinnis