Crucial to Involve Family and Patient in Rehab Treatment Plan

Providers know a treatment plan works best when the patient and family are involved with the medical team; the group can set realistic and meaningful rehab goals for quality of life.

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Well, it's very important to include families in the treatment plan. [brainlinemilitary] Often times, I think providers-- [A service of] in healthcare, I think we're often too provider-centric and we feel that our interventions or our prescriptions are very important and they'll be followed to the letter of the law that we write our recommendations but I think that's not often the case. And so it's really important to involve families so they can reinforce recommendations, but they can also report when a symptom or kind of overall functioning is changing because that needs to be incorporated with the entire team. That also includes the veteran-- so team includes patient and physicians and therapists and family so that everybody can kind of work to set realistic and meaningful goals, with the overall, kind of overarching, goal of how to improve function, how to improve independence and, therefore, a better quality of life. And again, only the veteran and their family can determine what quality of life means to them.
Posted on BrainLine December 14, 2011.

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