Joel Scholten. MD

Joel Scholten
Doctor of Physical and Rehablitation Medicine

Joel Scholten, MD received his medical degree at the University of South Dakota and completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medicine. Dr. Scholten joined the VA in 1998 as the medical director of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation program at the Tampa VA before transferring to the Washington DC VA Medical Center to assume the role of associate chief of staff for Rehab Services.

Dr. Scholten also works in VA Central Office within the PM&R Program Office as the national director of Special Projects. His research interests include traumatic brain injury, polytrauma, and pain.

Dr. Scholten is an associate clinical professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He is also the clinical coordinator of the VA’s Polytrauma/Blast Related Injury QUERI.