Recovering One Therapy at a Time After a Combat-Related TBI

Focus on what you can do after injury, give it 110% effort, and the other abilities will come. Navy veteran Derek McGinnis shares his experience.

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A pivotal moment for me at Palo Alto the one thing I could hold onto-- because you go to speech therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, neurology appointments and physical therapy and your various OT, occupational therapy, as well and during those--one of the sessions you go to is of course physical therapy, and the one thing I knew I could still control was my body and my stretching and my exercise, so I could give 110% in that aptitude, and that's the one area that I could control and I could still do. Holding on to the PT side of things really made me feel-- okay, before we used to PT all the time in the military and drill, and I can still do that at least, so I still have that. In the worst-case scenario I can PT, and I can build from that, the new phase in my life.
Posted on BrainLine July 3, 2012.

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