An Introduction to Rehabilitation: The Healing Brain

Garry Prowe, Brain Injury Success Books
An Introduction to Rehabilitation: The Healing Brain

My goal with this series of articles is to prepare you for the next step in your survivor’s recovery: rehabilitation.

I begin by discussing post-traumatic amnesia, a state of awareness survivors pass through on their way from a coma to full consciousness. Many survivors, when they begin rehabilitation, are going through post-traumatic amnesia.

In other articles, I present an overview of the rehabilitation process, focusing on the critical role of the family. One of your responsibilities is to select a rehabilitation facility for your survivor. I offer some guidelines for making this important decision. I also offer a few thoughts about nursing homes, as some survivors will be placed in one of these facilities as they wait to enter a rehabilitation program.

Posted on BrainLine February 2, 2011.

These articles on rehabilitation after a brain injury are excerpts from Garry Prowe's book, Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury: A Family Guidebook.

In 1997, Garry's wife, Jessica, sustained a severe brain injury in an automobile crash. "At the time, I spent way too much time accumulating the information I needed, not only to understand the medical aspects of Jessica's brain injury, but also to handle the myriad insurance, financial, legal, personal, and family issues that accompany a serious blow to the brain. I recognized the need — that still exists today — for a book that comprehensively addresses the wide variety of issues families face in the first few months after a brain injury.

"To research this book, I assembled a panel of more than 300 survivors, caregivers, and medical professionals who responded to my email questions and reviewed portions of my writing.

"For us, this project is a labor of love. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to brain injury organizations."

From Sucessfully Surviving a Brain Injury: A Family Guidebook by Garry Prowe, Brain Injury Success Books, © 2010 Garry Prowe. Used with permission. .

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This has helped so much thank you! My mom suffered a tbi and the whole process can be a little confusing.

Is is great tips.I personally agree with laughing when you're stressed. Stress can weigh on your chest like a ton a briks.

Wow thank u I suffered a tbi 8 years ago I am still partly blind,my memory still has not fully recoveredbut I am still on my way to becoming the first person in my family to graduate college.

Much love and appreciation, prayers, encouragement, and Blessings to you for this site and for everyone coping...Thank you.

Thank you very much for this valuable information. It has been a great help.
A really informative read, Thank you very much for answering so many of my questions during this tough time. Was a great help....
Wow you've answered many of my questions I cant express how helpful this was in the great big sea of the internet to find something that actually made sense was comprehensive. Thank you!!
Thank you for your hard work in writing the book. TBI is something we never do expect will happen to a loved one. It is an awful illness. May God help the underinsured. God Bless you and your kind sir.
My sister was brutally assaulted and suffers sever TBI She is now in the hospital and physically doing better. They are talking of moving her to Brain Center for rehab over two hours away. None of her family is there. I am so concerned about this. She is Medicaid pending. Any ideas. I have searched and need any help I can get. I am not having much luck. Without insurance it is a very difficult task to find quality care. I am trusting God. Thanks for any help
this is a really useful resource Ken
hello myself kiran from India.I liked your article.It feels great after reading it..its too informative and encouraging..I shall be really pleased to read the whole book..