Seeing the Right Specialist After a TBI

With any medical condition, it is crucial to see an expert in that field. This is particularly true with brain injury.

I think there are two ways to approach this. I mean--I think, for example, I'm not an expert in psychiatric disorders. I'm not an expert in autism. So if somebody asked me to see or diagnose a person with autism or significant psychiatric challenge, I wouldn't do it. So I think there I would refer the person to somebody who is an expert in that area. So I think one of the issues is to be--you know--true to yourself in terms of what you can handle. I think the other issue is it's true there are few people out there who can do this, who are really skilled in TBI, and we just hope over the years we can train more.
Posted on BrainLine March 15, 2011.

About the author: Wayne Gordon, PhD

Wayne Gordon, PhD, ABPP/Cn, is the Jack Nash Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and associate director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He is a neuropsychologist and the director of the Mount Sinai Brain Injury Research Center.

Dr. Wayne Gordon

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