When Do You Begin the Rehab Process?

When it comes to rehab after TBI, the earlier the better — and the more thorough, the better the outcome.

Certainly it's never too early, honestly, after a brain injury to start looking at what the person's need and what their treatment would be. Certainly after mild brain injuries or concussions, early on there's certainly a much higher rate of people getting better. An important role early on is more in the education factor and symptom treatment after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, maybe someone who was hospitalized after their brain injury. Those people should be transferred, should be getting acute inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient rehabilitation depending on the severity of their problems, really as soon as they're medically stabilized. Clearly, getting people out of the hospitalized setting and getting them into the rehabilitation setting has been shown to improve outcomes and to speed up recovery just in general.
Posted on BrainLine March 16, 2010.