Retired NFL Player Robert Griffith on the Evolving Game of Football

Retired NFL player Robert Griffith says rule changes in the NFL need to keep up with the fact of bigger and faster players competing on faster turf rather than grass surfaces.

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[Robert Griffith] So if it's about the player, how do you take care of the player? How do you make sure that all the different things are in place to make sure the game is safe? So right now, they could be doing a lot more, and I think that hockey has done a pretty good job. There's some other leagues that I think that have done a better job, but the NFL has to take reins on it. I think it's a—for lack of a better word— it's a snowball running downhill. How do you protect a game where you have 300-pound men that are getting faster, bigger, stronger, and the surface is getting faster. When I got in the NFL there was a maybe half dozen—maybe eight, nine, or ten turf fields. Now there's significantly more, maybe eight or nine more, so you have bigger players and a faster surface. Being able to mitigate that with the new protocols for the injuries is being—you know, a moving ball. It's been difficult. I think the NFL can, with changes in the rules, be able to do that. Player gets his bell rung? You gotta come out. You gotta go through all the tests. They have that now. They have to go through all the testing.
Posted on BrainLine September 4, 2013.

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