Pediatric Cognitive Rehabilitation and School

Hospital Executive Amy Mansue talks about her pediatric cognitive rehab program that is set up like a school to help a child with TBI deal with issues like frustration in addition to regular academic work.

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[Amy Mansue] We run this cognitive rehab program, which is a school environment that, again, sets up really a retraining of the child's brain, and it is staffed with a full complement of therapists, much like I described before, except it's led by a psychologist instead of a neurologist, and we create an entire school day for these kids, really training them and working with them on their cognitive issues. Again, for children who look and have no physical, it's really important to do that, because they don't have an understanding or an ability to be able to discern the difference pre-injury post-injury. It's a very intense program, Children are there five days a week. They have a full 9 to 3 schedule, and if you went in there, you would see the signs on the wall that say, "Matt's going to work on making eye contact and not being agitated and not becoming frustrated with his work." Cues so that they can literally, physically see them, and then staff work with them on an individual plan to try and address that as well as the regular schoolwork.
Posted on BrainLine August 8, 2013.

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