Orchestrating a Pediatric Rehabilitation Plan for a Child with TBI

Hospital Executive Amy Mansue talks about how an individualized rehabilitation plan for a child with TBI is created with a full team of specialists and how it is reacessed and managed as the child makes progress.

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[Amy Mansue] The team approach in rehabilitation is very specific and very individualized. There's an initial evaluation, which the entire team participates in. They do a baseline assessment of where the child is. We use a tool called the functional independent measure. It's called a FIM, and Wii is for kids, so we use a Wii FIM tool that literally measures you when you come in and then measures you at discharge to show the progress. The team really is looking at the components of that functional independent measure to see where the child is on that and then where you need to get them to in order to be independent enough to go home. Again, depending on the injury, there will either be a focus on the physical or the occupational or speech. They're all working together in a unit though to make sure that that child is making progress. Again, the gas goes up or faster or slower based upon how that child is making progress. Of course, in a traumatic brain injury, the physician is a critical element in that because you're managing the meds and managing the pain and trying to make sure you have all of those pieces involved in that care coordination plan.
Posted on BrainLine August 8, 2013.

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