The Role of Family in a Child's Recovery from Brain Injury

Hospital Executive Amy Mansue talks about the essential role the entire family plays in a child's recovery from TBI — from being able to care for and push the child during rehab therapy to reinforcing those therapies in the home.

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[Amy Mansue] The role of any family in a child's recovery is critical, but with a traumatic brain injury, it's even more so. It is about being able to push that child, even beyond your comfort zone at times. It's being able to listen to the clinicians and not get caught in the medical jargon that might provoke fear, but say, "Okay, this is a piece of the information, but at the end of the day, this is still my child, and I need to figure out how to help them achieve all that they can achieve." It is about the carryover. Having that family practice what we do in therapies is really, really important—that reinforcement, doing even those little things, the cognitive work, trying to help them focus— all of those things that don't just happen in that hour of therapy, but happen consistently with the family unit— entire family unit, siblings as well—is really, really important. Having that buy-in in the care and in the potential that the care can bring is critical.
Posted on BrainLine August 8, 2013.

 Produced by Sharon Ladin, Justin Rhodes, and Erica Queen, BrainLine.