Targeting Teachers in Treating Brain Injury in Children

Teachers are our #1 target. Teachers, school nurses, school administrators--that's who we want to target. Ninety-nine percent of the services that these children need and the rehabilitation they need is going to occur in a school setting. That's the way things work in this country, and that's the way it should be. Teachers are, most of the time, more than willing to learn about this and want to learn about it. So there are programs that have been developed by some colleagues out in Oregon to provide wonderful online training for teachers to go in and in 25 minutes learn a bit about what brain injury is. And there are a number of resources of teachers who can go out and work with special educators to really understand what brain injury is and what it does. There's actually a program out in California where they're actually incorporating brain injury into their special education teaching curriculum, which is one of the first in the nation to do this, which I think is because of--kind of--the growing awareness of what this problem is.

Ninety-nine percent of services kids will need after a TBI will be in the school setting. Teachers are key.

Transcript of this video.

Posted on BrainLine May 25, 2010

Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough and Brian King, BrainLine.

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