Breacher Training Blast Injury Study

Special Forces are being studied during breacher training in which they experience real explosive events in hopes of answering more questions about the effects of blasts on the brain.

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Special Forces go through training that's called Breacher Training. Training to breach a room, to breach a building. What's breach? To break down a door to go in. Part of that training is they're blasts that are going on. It's set up that way so maybe you're outside the building and a blast goes off. An explosion. An IED. Maybe you break down the door and you're inside a room and it goes off, and of course, then the pressure waves will be bouncing off of walls. So this is called Breacher Training and we're actually involved... New Zealand Special Forces have allowed us to bring our subjective diagnostic platforms to that training and have embraced us with the biomarkers. So we're getting blood draws from these soldiers at different times after the training events with the hope that - because at least there we're dealing with real C4, real explosive events in human subjects who are going through this training as part of their military career. So I think it's a real challenge and I think it's going to continue to be a challenge for quite some time, and again, the whole blast TBI problem that is facing...
Posted on BrainLine May 21, 2012.

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