Myriad Projects for Brain Injury Research and Care

COL Hack talks about the Army's thousands of Combat Casualty Care projects, including 450-500 just for brain injury research and care.

I'm Colonel Dallas Hack. I'm the Director of Combat Casualty Care for the U.S. Army program and also for the Defense Health Program, which deals with acute injury from point of wounding up until their discharge from the acute care hospital, so all of the trauma injuries, including hemorrhage and orthopedic and all of that and the brain injury part of all that trauma. The research for that falls within my portfolio. It's a large program, thousands of projects all together. In the brain injury alone, we have about 450 to 500 projects going on, all funded. Since 2007, it's about $500 million just through medical channels to the TBI research area, so a major increase. We've been working on brain injury for a long time, but the big increase in the funding came as of 2007.
Posted on BrainLine March 8, 2012.

Produced by Ashley Gilleland and Noel Gunther, BrainLine.