Symptoms of Concussion/mTBI

As a civilian health care provider, you won't be seeing a veteran until some time after the initial trauma. It may be months before a service member seeks help, and he may not associate his symptoms with an injury during combat. So you should be prepared to recognize the most common signs and symptoms associated with concussion/mTBI that can linger months after trauma to the head:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness, balance, and coordination problems
  • Cognitive deficits (e.g., issues with concentration or memory, getting organized)
  • Fatigue and/or insomnia
  • Emotional changes, including irritability, depression, and anxiety

Watch a short video of Adam Anicich, an Iraq war veteran who sustained a concussion/mTBI. Here he describes his symptoms three to six months following his injury:

Changes in Temperment

"I started to notice that there was differences in my personality, differences in my behavior, differences in my level of temperament…"