Production Credits

TBI Subject Matter Experts

Adam Anicich, Assistant Director of the Congressional Liaison Service, Department of Veterans Affairs
Dr. Alison Cernich, VA Senior Liaison for TBI, DCoE
Capt. J. L. Hancock, M.D., U.S. Navy
Dr. Wendy Law, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

BrainLine Military

Producer: John Rubin, Ph.D., John Rubin Productions, Inc.
Co-Producer: James Donald, John Rubin Productions, Inc.
Medical Consultant: John Whyte, M.D., Ph.D., Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
Special Thanks: Victor Medina

Web Producer: Kelly Deckert
Web Developer: Ian Collins
Associate Project Manager: Krystal Klingenberg
Editor: Victoria Tilney McDonough
Project Coordinator: Justin Rhodes
Project Consultant: Vicky Youcha
Executive Producer: Christian Lindstrom