Norma Myers

Norma Myers sitting on footstool smiling at camera

Norma and her husband Carlan spend much of their time supporting their son Steven as he continues on his road to recovery after sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2012.

Carlan faithfully supports his family while working full-time in his demanding Human Resources career.

Norma is thankful for the opportunity to blog for, TBI Hope & Inspiration, and The Mighty.    

The Myers family are advocates for those recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury and for those that have also experienced child loss.

Our sons…

Aaron Carlan Myers, our first-born son blessed our lives with his arrival on August 9, 1986

Just a few years later Aaron’s brother, Steven Alexander Myers arrived on April 22, 1990

In August, 2012, after spending a Sunday afternoon together, Aaron and Steven were on their way home when they were involved in a fatal automobile accident.  Aaron, 26-years old, didn’t survive.  Steven, 22-years old, survived, fighting for his life.  Steven sustained a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. His recovery has been labeled as miraculous.

While completely different in their personalities and their hobbies, Aaron and Steven were best friends.  They both embraced the outdoors.  Aaron was a natural-born hunter and fisherman.  Steven enjoys hiking, camping and capturing beautiful pictures of nature.  Aaron and Steven believed in compromising so that they could enjoy the great outdoors together. 

Aaron and Steven shared a deep love of the Outer Banks of North Carolina where we spent memory-making family vacations together.  Family memories that we will cherish forever.

Aaron studied Criminal Justice in college.  He worked in the Loss Prevention field. 

During Steven’s recovery, he returned to college.  He received his Associate of Applied Science Degree, May, 2018.  Steven is currently employed by Lowe’s. 

7 years later, after enduring blood, sweat, and tears while learning how to live life all over again, Steven continues to keep his promise to Aaron to never give up on working towards complete recovery. 

Steven is an inspiration to everyone that has the privilege to meet him.  He never passes up the opportunity to share his journey with others, spreading the message of hope!    


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