What Impact Will Moderate or Severe TBI Have on a Person's Life?

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What Impact Will Moderate or Severe TBI Have on a Person's Life?

The effects of moderate to severe TBI can be long lasting or even permanent. While recovery and rehabilitation are possible, most people with moderate to severe TBI face life challenges that will require them to adapt and adjust to a new reality.

Moderate to severe TBI can cause permanent physical or mental disability. Because polytrauma is common with moderate to severe TBI, many patients face additional disabilities as a result of other injuries. Even patients who appear to recover fully may have some long-term symptoms that never go away.

Challenges with work and completing tasks that were once routine can be much more difficult than before the injury. Some patients find that the skills and abilities that they used before the injury to meet these challenges are not as sharp as they once were.

These ongoing challenges can also affect the patient’s personal life. People who have experienced brain injuries may take longer to do cognitive or “thinking” tasks associated with memory, such as coming up with the correct change in the checkout line at the grocery store or placing an order at a restaurant. Family relationships will almost certainly change, and in some cases the patient will be totally dependent on their caregivers.

Despite the advances in early diagnosis and treatment of moderate to severe TBI, the fact remains that traumatic brain injury will be a life-changing experience for many patients. Helping the patient, family members, and caregivers to cope with these long-term consequences is an important part of TBI rehabilitation.

Motor Deficits and Disabilities

For many patients, the damage to the brain resulting from a moderate to severe TBI may lead to life-long disabilities or motor deficits. The term disability in relationship to TBI means a loss of physical or mental function caused by damage to the brain. Motor deficits refer specifically to the effect of damage on motor skills or movement.

Examples of disabilities and motor deficits caused by moderate to severe TBI include:

  • Paralysis
  • Spasticity (muscle stiffness) or uncontrolled movements
  • Problems walking, talking, or swallowing
  • Difficulty carrying or moving objects
  • Vision problems
  • Loss of fine motor skills, such as buttoning a shirt
  • Inability to recognize something based on touch
  • Difficulty thinking and remembering
  • Difficulty with social relationships

Other challenges that a patient with moderate or severe TBI may experience include:

  • Difficulty making and keeping personal and professional relationships
  • Difficulty being part of social activities
  • Difficulty taking part in recreational or leisure activities
  • The decreased ability or inability to keep a job or go to school

During the rehabilitation and transition phases of TBI treatment, members of the healthcare team will provide information to the patient and their family members about dealing with these issues. Specific tools and coping strategies will be suggested. Examples of coping strategies and tools include:

  • Writing a detailed list of steps needed to complete a task
  • Using prompts or visual aids to help remember things
  • Using assistive devices to move around, such as a walker or a wheelchair

Learning new ways to do things is a very important part of recovery.

Other Potential Effects

The long-term symptoms of TBI can be divided into several categories, including physical changes, cognitive effects, sensory effects, perceptual effects, social-emotional changes, and others. You’ll find a partial list of these symptoms and possible effects below. Keep in mind that the severity and duration of symptoms and effects will vary greatly from one patient to another, depending on the severity of the TBI.

Physical effects

  • Sleep disorders
  • Loss of stamina (easily fatigued)
  • Appetite changes
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Physical paralysis or spasticity
  • Chronic pain
  • Loss of control of bowel and bladder functions
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty regulating body temperature
  • Hormonal changes

Cognitive effects

  • Difficulty with attention, focus, or concentration
  • Distractibility
  • Memory problems
  • Slow speed of processing
  • Confusion
  • Perseveration, which is the abnormal persistent repetition of a word, gesture, or act
  • Impulsiveness
  • Difficulty with language processing
  • Problems with executive functions, which include planning, cognitive flexibility, abstract thinking, rule acquisition (determining right from wrong), initiating appropriate actions, and inhibiting inappropriate actions

Speech and language effects

  • Aphasia (difficulty with talking or expressing ideas, understanding everyday language, and problems with reading and writing). Types of aphasia can include:
    • Receptive aphasia, which involves difficulty understanding the spoken word, or
    • Expressive aphasia, which means the patient knows what they wish to say but is unable to get the words out. In some cases, the patient is able to perceive and comprehend both spoken and written language, but is unable to repeat what they see or hear.
  • Slurred speech
  • Speaking very fast or very slow
  • Problems with reading comprehension

Sensory and perceptual effects

  • Difficulty recognizing and distinguishing between touch and pressure sensations
  • Difficulty perceiving temperature
  • Difficulty perceiving movement and positions of the arms and legs
  • Difficulty with fine discrimination (for example, distinguishing between small everyday objects, like coins)
  • Difficulty integrating and understanding information gained through the five senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste)

Effects on vision

  • Partial or total loss of vision
  • Diplopia, which is weakness of eye muscles that causes double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Problems judging distance
  • Involuntary eye movements, called nystagmus
  • Photophobia, which is intolerance of light

Effects on hearing

  • Decrease or loss of hearing
  • Tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears
  • Increased sensitivity or intolerance to sounds

Effects on smell and taste

  • Anosmia, which is loss of or diminished sense of smell
  • Loss of or diminished sense of taste
  • Bad taste in the mouth

Social-emotional or behavioral effects

  • Dependent behaviors
  • Fluctuating emotions
  • Lack of motivation
  • Irritability
  • Aggression
  • Depression
  • Lack of inhibition
  • Denial or lack of awareness
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I had brain surgery in 2006 .... My brain has never been the same..... I'm foggy in the head and have a hard time concentrating....thank you All for sharing.... I get it now.... All doctors keep giving me antidepressants that just make it worse.... I get it now

Thank you!!!! I have Acquired BI following a craniotomy to resection my cerebellum (tumour), and it's amazing the commonality of TBI symptoms that the medical profession have had trouble explaining for me.

I was hospitalized after having bad MS flare-up, I "came to" 3 days later in the 2nd hospital with no memory of anything that occurred after entering ambulance at my home. I was in 4 point restraints ina diaper and my brain felt like someone whacked me in the parietal occipital and temporal regions, my eyes were on fire, and the that night I realized I was being sleep deprived - the hospital was 'accidentally' leaving a very bright light on, all NIGHT long. I told them but they didn't believe me. I found out 18 months later that they gave me anti-psychotics Geodon and Haldol and I am not psychotic or schizophrenic or bipolar. I went through HELL, 130 hours straight sleep deprivation with no way to cover my eyes. I was delusional, who wouldn't be, and I wasn't able to get my medical records from them until 18 months later so I couldn't sue them, I looked like a psych patient, and I was even taken off ALL meds including thyroid and cholesterol, I had NOBODY to help me, and now, 2 years later it's too late to sue, I have a movement disorder on TOP of MS symptoms, my vision disorder has increased triple-time, I cannot even walk more than 5 feet without excruciating pain from Abnormal gait which is worse then ever. I have been treated like a pariah, my voice is slurred and doctors that now finally gave me meds for this headache and eye pain and nerve pain and muscle spasticity think I am doped up, I wish I was doped up so I wouldn't be in constant suffering, I am 62 years old and my life is OVER. I have no family, I cannot leave this trailer without a wheelchair and I can't drive, I don't even have a wheelchair accessible vehicle to get out of this godforsaken trailer. I am being abused by my "health care surrogate" and no one even cares if I live or die. I refuse to kill myself, and life is just a horrible endless nightmare and I have no good days at all. Typing this has been hell, I once was a human being and now this stabbing unrelenting nerve and muscle and eye and skull pain is driving me to a point where I honestly don't know what I am going to do next.

In 1986, I experienced extreme head injury in a motorcycle accident. I don't remember that day, the week before, or the month afterwards. I hit a brick mailbox doing about 40 mph without a helmet. I hit it face first. The injuries that were sustained were an occipital skull fracture, two parietal skull fractures, and I blew a hole in the membrane between my cranial cavity and the nasal cavity. CSF was leaking out of my nose. I had two large gashes on my right side of my face, and had skin missing from most of the right side of my face. I had developed a brain bleed and excessive pressure was building. Miraculously, I survived that incident only to have another excessive brain injury 2 years later. I got hit by a softball on my left ear and partially separated the ear from my head. In both instances, I was unconscious for more than 10 minutes. Since those two incidents back in 1986 and 1988, I have had three more concussions where I didn't lose consciousness.

Fast forward to today where I have short term memory loss, I am highly fatigued, I cannot learn basic algebra for my job, have been diagnosed with MDD, and my eyesight is deteriorating. I will need cataract surgery in the coming months.

I am wondering if my extensive head injury past has caught up with me now? Could my head injuries have caused my Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) as well as the other issues above?

I was severely beaten 17 years ago… still have a permanent knot on my forehead, near hairline, top right side. Since then, I’ve acquired this “stutter/tongue jerk”, and it’s almost as if my brain glitches. I’m beginning to experience difficulties with comprehension of spoken word. Could this be a TBI? My abuser never let me see a doctor, so I’ve never had it checked. Is it too late for doctors to tell via imaging if I’ve suffered a TBI?

No they can tell if there was any kind of brain bleed, called closed head injury. With MrI

I suffered a sever brain injury while working in 2007 however I did not know that I did until 2017 when I got my memory back after 10 yrs.
I was trapped in my own head for yrs. and I can not believe that Doctors, Friends lawyers everyone believed I understood them. Just because I could say Yes or OKAY
Not 1 Doctor or anybody for that matter ever ask me if I even knew what they were saying.
I had no clue and still half the time do not. I was told to sign papers DO NOT DATE.
They were sent in the mail. So I did
No idea what they said. Come to find out I lost everything I have worked since I was 12 yrs. old. 2 kids myself and now nothing.
The Company and my Friend of 25 yrs. chose Not to file accident report for 2 1/2 months and the lie about what happened to me due to the fact that he and the general manager knew I lost my memory.
No medical treatment for over a Month I woke up 16days later at home sick and confused in pain went to hospital
test fine yet
Doctor Did you hit your head? I woke up this way. I do not remember hitting my head.
Doctor go home lay down for a few days do not drive. I do not see anything wrong.

I left however forgot that I went to hospital. Why? Is it that after so long now I can remember things that happened yet I am not allowed to do anything about it. Why?
The Statue of Limitation protects my friend and his company. For Not getting me Medical treatment in a timly manner and lying about what happened.
what a system.

Please help me? I need help im most of these things and lost

Hello to all my TBI Survivor friends... I read the 1st page of comments you've all left, & see parts of everyone's stories, problems, fears, everything- to be EXACTLY, or VERY SIMILAR, to my own! On my birthday, August 2, 2000, I turned 45 yrs old. Went to work, & late that afternoon, the truck dealership I worked at, as a parts counterman, was very busy, I hadn't worked for this dealer very long, & was still learning where everything was. I asked parts mgr where a location shown in the computer we used was, & was told in an upstairs mezzanine, @ rear of warehouse. I'd only been up there couple times, but I went to look. Phones were ringing, customers @ counter, so I hurried best I could. There was no lighting upstairs, & it was not organized, so I searched best I could. Soon, parts mgr is below me, yelling to hurry up, I tried, never found part I needed, & with parts mgr still yelling @ me to hurry, I turned to go downstairs, I'd come back later to find my part. I never noticed the steel beams for roof of building were lower where I ended up as I looked around, as opposed to where I originally started at. I'm 6ft 4in tall, & was not quite running running, when suddenly I heard a bang, & when I opened my eyes, I was looking at the roof, & heard mechanics downstairs, laughing, then yelling, "Ron, you ok?", but I couldn't talk, move, just moan! Next thing I knew, I'm @ emergency in hospital, where x-rays, CT Scan, & exam by a Dr took place, & I was given diagnosis of "just a concussion", & was returned to work. I'd had maybe 6 or 7 concussions in my life, from playing baseball as a kid, through high school, also basketball in high school, plus a couple rear-end car accidents, 1 by a bobtail truck, as I was stopped @ lights in a big intersection, truck hit me going 45mph, whiplashed me so hard, I broke the seat back, hit & collapsed steering column with my chest, never hit my head, just snapped my neck hard!
I actually felt fine, when I went home from work that day. Fixed dinner, watched TV, & went to bed.
When alarm woke me, got up, to shower, with WORST HEADACHE OF MY LIFE! Threw up in shower, but thought I HAD to go to work, since I'd hit head, missed time, work would be mad if I stayed home. Dressed, fixed lunch, went to work. BUT- stopped 2 times, & threw up both times! At work, punched in on time clock, looked @ card, & to my shock, it wasn't 8/3/2000, it was 8/6!! I immediately went into shock! Owner ran up, yelled @ me about where had I been, & fired me on the spot!
I learned later, the dealer's Worker's Comp Insurance Co., had gone bankrupt, the State had liquidated the the Insurance Co, the largest Work Comp insurer in Calif, (@ the time), & was 1 of almost 30 other Work Comp insurer's that had gone bankrupt between 1999 & 2000, & my employer had never re-insured his business, & had thrown my claim form away, for fear the State would see he hadn't re-insured! So, began my battle to learn what had happened to me, to get proper care, to be paid Work Comp benefits! I lost my house, ended up homeless, couldn't get an attorney to take my Work Comp case, forcing me to represent myself, learn Work Comp law, THEN- as my symptoms appeared over time, TBI, PTSD, Seizure Disorder, Memory, Balance, Coordination, Vision, Severe Tinnitus, Loss of Cognitive & Executive Skills, Loss of Smell, Emotional/Anger/Behavioral problems, Social Appropriate Skills, Attention Deficits, on & on! About 5 years later, told I'd never work again, my family & friends either abandoned me, or didn't believe any of this was true, although Mom & Dad allowed me to move back home, but I had all my belongings, enough furniture, etc, for a 3-bedroom home, all in storage, which I could barely afford! My Worker's Comp case settled in October 2007, giving me a 100% Permanent Total Disability Rating, medical care for anything related to my TBI, paid for, for life, as was cash benefits, although only 2/3 of my weekly wages while I worked, I applied for, & received SSDI, MediCare, through Social Security, but due to my Work Comp benefits, my SSDI was apportioned, or cut almost in half, I get token cost of living increases to SSDI, but no cost of living increases to my Work Comp bi-weekly checks! As time went by, my diagnosed problems have worsened, I started having problems walking, climbing up/down steps or stairs, balance got worse, in 2017 I fell @ my small rented in-law cottage, rupturing quadriceps tendons in BOTH KNEES, fractured patella, & fibula in right knee, plus torn lateral meniscus in that knee too, plus either damaged vertabrae or discs in upper neck, which the State's Insurance Guarantee Assoc,(similar to FDIC for Banks, if bank goes bankrupt), has denied me surgeries to repair, leaving me unable to walk, or stand, I need caregiver help to get outside, Guarantee Assoc has denied payment for caregivers too, so I've been outdoors maybe 4, 5 times since my fall in 2017! My current landlord, who bought house where my cottage is located, after original landlady lost property on foreclosure, doesn't bring my mail, or maintain my cottage, & has tried to prevent visitors access to my place, to visit, or to help me, which I've filed complaints with local rental authority about, leaving me a prisoner inside this cottage, which no adult protective service, disability rights agency, police, or anyone else, has done anything about, or even believe what I've told goes on! My parents, in their mid-90's, moved to Oregon, near my older sister & her husband, in 2018, were in assisted living, I was informed on 10/4/21, by my sister, that Mom/Dad both, had tested positive for Covid-19, then this past Monday, 10/11- Dad died from Covid, followed by Mom dying on 10/12, & I can't even get off bed, get outside, or go to their funerals! I'm now 66 yrs old, I BELIEVE I may have had a small stroke, about 3 months ago, in my sleep, since I've suddenly lost about half of the ability to move my right arm!
Back in maybe 2004 or 2005, I was allowed to see a neuropsychologist, @ Alta Bates Hospital, in Berkeley, Calif., the first day I saw this Dr, he told me to buy a paperback book, titled:
"Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury" by Dr. Diane Stoler, & if I didn't have that book when I saw him 2 days later, don't bother coming, until I DID have it! It's in it's 4th or 5th version now, I think. My suggestion to EVERYONE who's had a head injury, TBI, even Alzheimer's or Stroke, to buy this book! It's no difficult to read, it's in plain English, not medical language or terms, it's organized in a logical order, & it's to this day, the BEST THING I'VE EVER READ ABOUT TBI! ONE THING IT EXPLAINS, @ THE VERY BEGINNING, IS THIS-->>
Whoever you were, BEFORE your TBI, that was Ron #1, Suzy #1, whatever... But after your TBI, you become Ron, or Suzy #2, #1 is not going to ever come back. Your brain may or may not get better, depending on YOUR injury, & everyone's injury is different, what you want to do is, do the best you can, either with help from an experienced rehab specialist, trained in TBI, or by yourself, so that YOUR #2 is the best you make him/her!
Some people even went so far as to have a "funeral" for their #1, since that person won't be coming back.
Once you stop thinking about how you WERE, & concentrate on who you want to be NOW, you'll get there faster, & be happy sooner. Learn about TBI, that book helped me more than anything, still to this day! I've read it or parts of it, over & over, so many times, it's helped me feel normal, but it's MY NORMAL!
Good Luck to you all, please don't give up, or stop learning, ok? Bless You All!

Wow unbelievable - amazing story and WOW again - what a brave man for sticking it out! I'm two years in and want to commit suicide and my story isn't even half as hard as yours! I am praying for you and your story helped me start to become Sheila #2 now makes so much since. I really do applaud you for all the efforts and legal and business end that occurs after injury! No one talks about that part! Nightmare - thank you

Im 15 years past when i got my tbi and had lots of thought of suicide as well, it more so in the ist 5 years stay strong it does get better!! Ive had lo g stretches of doing and feeling pretty well, but my meds have been causing some trouble of late, going to try to get it figured out. Talking to other tbi survivors helps more than I thougjt it would in the beginning. But just to talk to others about it helps to feel like youre not alone in all of this. Hope you all get to feeling better never give up

I've received a T.B.I. approx. 10 year ago, what a serious lifestyle change this was! What I miss mostly is my kind, beautiful partner along with the fact that I'm no longer able to work, lost my houses, the ability to walk, my vehicles, my long sought after sweet job as a union electrical worker, I'm no longer able to make any sense of time, I may have lost most not everything but most of what I'd worked towards getting what I didn't loose is my ability to be an understanding, open kinda guy! THANK GOODNESS I'm still able to think, react and understand most of whatever I'm exposed to!
My new goal in life is going to spread the feeling of love, understanding and security!

I was about 4 going on 5 when I had my brain injury I was on a queen bed and fell off while sleeping and hit the concrete we was in the middle of redueing are floors in are house and I remember siting on the floor crying for help and it felt like hours until my grandma came in the room and got me she just thought I was having a bad dream so she took me to her room to go back to sleep only to be woken up about 10 times of me puking in her bed so she thought I had a stomach bug still to this day I don't remember why I didn't tell them I fell I guess I lost conscious and don't remember what happend so I stayed home that day since they thought I was sick but my mom said she had a weird feeling in her gut to take me to the docter that's when we got into the office and right away he asked my mom to turn off the lights and that's when he saw it my eyes wasn't dilating and he told my mom to rush me to the hospital something is very wrong and that's when they felt my head and I had a big knot and i remember my mom asking if I hit my head and at that point I didn't even know so she took me to the hospital and they ran an MRI and said I needed to go have surgery right away I had an epidural hematoma and I didn't have long to make it if they didn't start right away . So they let my family know that I might not make it or if I did I would be a vegetable for life but the next day I woke up and eveything was fine I wanted some makeup and some clothes so they knew I was okay but a few years later I started having eye trouble woke up and my eyes were crossed i had excellent vision before and out of nowhere my eyes took a change and then years later I started having very bad migraines to where it would be 2-3 a day I couldn't even go about my day because they were so awful and the weird part is the only place that hurts when I have them is on my side of my head where I had the surgery same spot and all and now I'm 24 still suffering from them but lately I have been dealing with memory loss , extreme PTSD , anxiety , ocd , I have very bad social skills , which I have never had before I've always wondered if I would have any problems down the road after having a severe brain accident .

Hi there I'm 42 I was struck by a car while walking down the road I was in a comma for 2 days so that was 2010. No problems until 2016ish started with bad migraines till 2019 then grand mal seizures started was diagnosed with focal epilepsy and severe short term memory loss. Hope the best for you.

My son had a very hard blow to the head from a hard object on July 19 it is sept the 8 and he is just now waking up. He can’t talk eat or walk .All of his body muscle is gone I’m really concern about him . Will he ever recover and do you think having family members around him now will help him remember things. Cause right now he rembers nothing except 3 people but when he goes back to sleep for 15 min he forgets

Give him patience, and work with him on it. There are an unlimited amount of quick games you and he can play. But NEVER stop trying to push.

Have patience, as the brain can reestablish neuronal connections through a multitude of synapses.
In general terms ( rewire itself).
I can provide you with some encouragement, as I and several of my close friends where in a severe car accident 21 years ago.
Myself, and the 2 others whom lived, all sustained TBI's , months had past until a recovery was established.... the extent of recovery is unknown to all individuals who sustain a TBI, but I will say that with diligent rehabilitation, and positive thoughts and regulated diet. It is achievable.
I have learned to walk, talk again, and have recovered to the extent to own, operate a construction company.
A multitudes of " triggers" may hinder the daily conditions with a TBI, but supportive, patient friend's and family can to wonders.
I wish you the best.

My heart goes out to your son and family. I'm sure he appreciates you all being there. Family is everything with injuries like so. There is no time frame to give, his body must heal on his own, and that is not something anyone could know, right now. He remembers three people, which seems to be a good sign. My prayers go out to you and your family.

The double vision from the TBI isn't caused by weakness of the eye but rather from one of the eyes being rotated. At least that is what it is in my case. One of my eyes rotated 5 degrees from my head injury. I had a brain stem injury.

The optic nerve was damaged.

Summer beak just started two days ago. I was 13 and graduated from the 7th grade. I went to my best friend's house, and we decided to go on a bike ride to get ice cream. The helmet my friend gave me broke, so I put it back in the garage, and started riding my bike down the street. Tim, my best friend at the time, came up behind me holding the helmet. His dad just got home and just happened to have the part to fix the helmet. I put the helmet on, and we went on our way. We started going down a steep hill, riding on the sidewalk. Unbeknownst to me, ahead of me the sidewalk was cracked, and the two cracked parts pushed together which made an A shaped wall on thes sidewalk. I hit the concrete with my front tire, and the bike flipped me and smashed the top of my head on the concrete. I blacked out for a few minutes, and when I came to I couldn't talk for about 3 minutes. When I did talk it sounded like I was mentally challenged, and the words themselves made no sense (according to my 3 friends). I never went to the hospital because we didn't want to tell anyone so we could all still go to summer camp. I don't remember much about that summer, except for the anxiety and headaches that started. I only made it through half of the 8th grade, I just couldn't do it. My math grade in the 7th grade was exactly 100%, after the concussion the numbers and lines were completely abstract to me, it was like learning Russian while being spun around. I quit the 8th grade and had to be homeschooled. I went to a regular high school (thank God) but it was a struggle. The anxiety and brainfog made it very difficult. I am 32 now, still living withmy parents, and I am unable to drive. My anxiety pulsates throughout my entire being second by second. I can't think, and I had to start taking Adderall and Ativan, which hardly do anything to help me. I am very blessed that my friend brought me my helmet, I believe I would be dead, or partially if not totally paralized had I not worn the helmet. I was an exceptionally intelligent child, who taught himself to play the piano at 4, and was reading 4 books a month by the 3rd grade. I wanted to be an inventor, but I could have been anything I wanted. Thankfully I have an online business, and my wonderful parents. I feel like a part of me died that day. I never cried about it, but writing this and thinking about it in this way is making me cry. I am just now coming to the realization that I will never be the same again.

Hey Bro Can We Talk Something about this a little bit


My dad is currently in the acute ward trying his best to recover. He fell on 12 May and he is 67 years old suffered a severe TBI. He is currently at GSC 12 but he isn't engaging enough with the stuff to be able to be accepted into rehab so they are pressuring me to take him out and place him in a nursing home.
I feel like I am being rushed to take my father out of the ward and they are telling me things that it doesn't look promising him engaging and understanding.
I am trying my best to fight for him and I have heard from many other people and drs that some people just take longer and need more time. I am trying to buy him more time but as mentioned before they are telling me he would be better off going to a nursing home.

Does anyone have any advice on your experiences on what to do?
His GSC score only went up again today to a 12 so is this a good sign that he might be slowing becoming more and more alert?

He has a peg tube as he had a trachy for a while so now he has issues swallowing a bit.
thats the only thing he has. everything else is stable.

thank you


Contact a firm called Laura slader ot who specializes in tbi rehabilitation they have been fantastic and have and are still helping my partner.
I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have given my partner and I hope for the future. Speak to them they are a god send

Well glad I ran into this blog of posts, I had a horrific fall backwards down the basement steps & hit my head on the Steel pole that holds up the I beem in 1/14/08. Ended my Career as a Circuit Design Engineer! They didn't do brain surgery until Feb 08. Not sure why so long. Completed 6 months of rehab (all aspects). After that both shoulder surgeries, both knees, back ,throat, left foot & more, just can't remember all of it. I was just 46 when that happened & now I'm 59. I've had ongoing medical problems ever since. 2nd Brain surgery was on Sandy Hook day ( when shooter killed all those kids back east) I had been watching it all day & got up to eat, fell dusty & hit my head on the Glass dining table. I tell ya! So far I've had 5 brain bleeds, 2 brain surgeries & 14 other surgeries. I have learned to know that the person I am now is not the same person before the original Accident. None of my Family or my only Son think nothing's wrong with me. OMG! I just wish they could walk in my shoes for one month & experience the Stamina problems, medical Bill's, medications & the lack of help needed. Oh, I too was arrested & charged with resisting arrest due to my left side is weak. The Lawyer handled that & 20K. My Family treated me as though I was a DUI person. So sad!. I continuously go to the Gym, keep busy & walk my doggie. Life has changed & it was difficult to go from 150K a month to 1,590 a month. Just wanted to share my story (some of it) , I'm Grateful to be alive! I thank God every day. Stay positive & keep moving forward. I use the old saying from my Mom.... Pull your boot straps up & keep going.
Idol time is death time & I know that is NOT for me. (Yet).
Stay Strong everyone. The new life really is not so bad.

I was severely beaten 17 years ago… still have a permanent knot on my forehead, near hairline, top right side. Since then, I’ve acquired this “stutter/tongue jerk”, and it’s almost as if my brain glitches. I’m beginning to experience difficulties with comprehension of spoken word. Could this be a TBI? My abuser never let me see a doctor, so I’ve never had it checked. Is it too late for doctors to tell via imaging if I’ve suffered a TBI?

one day my friend hit me one the left side between parital and frontal lobe may be that was parital lobe now i have headache so how long i will face with headache

Went over a 4 to 7½ story cliff. Coma for 17 days. The prognosis wasn't good. Organ donation people were want to harvest organs as soon as I passed. At that point it was than 10% chance to live.
Did not self evaluate for ten years. After 25 years I finally was able to put it behind me. That's when I had reached 100% recovery.

Congratulations on your physical recovery, emotional growth, and ability to forgive. I'm sure that if you choose to share more about your journey to recovery and being able to "put it behind you" it would be an encouragement to others.

I need your help, Son has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, Glasgow coma was catastrophic, has had excellent recovery vs doctors prognosis.
MVA was 2005, has become aggressive towards all, etc. know what I mean?

Sorry to hear
You need an urgent psychiatric referral
Medication can help
Anti epileptics good for mood and short term drugs
Experienced this with husband
He needs to avoid alcohol at all costs
Addiction is common post head injury
Cause more severe aggression

Was in mva 2004 at 18, brain hemorrhage, coma for several days. I have extreme aggressive periods, overwhelming emotions, difficulty finishing assigned tasks. Haven't had MRI since TBI. Doctor said my memory and nerve damage would heal in 3 years. Not sure it has..

Scott , what you have described sounds almost exactly like my story the dates and everything. I was in a bad wreck when I was 18 it was about 2002 and then another in 2004 both of which resulted in brain injury and I felt fine and was just ready to get back to work and didn't go to rehab but the doctors suggested and I ignored because I felt fine and I didn't need that I thought but all these years and all this time later I have not being able to hold a job for more than a year so and my life has just gone to s***. Lots of things seem normal to most people are very difficult for me. I have been isolating from family and I have tried everything well I guess not everything I've tried lots of things but nothing seems to change only get worse. I'm trying to figure out if these brain injuries are what has caused all this crap in my life for all these years without me realizing it because I didn't feel like I was hurt or sick or disabled I felt like I was just like anyone else and I didn't even think about the brain injuries for many years and I'm just now starting to look into the stuff and it seems like it is an exact description of how my life has been and things I have faced. My question to you is what did you do? How did you or are you getting this resolved? Is it possible to resolve?

This is great information for clarity. Had a mild tbi injury 8 years ago falling off a cliff at a beach 30-35 feet. Have struggled with extreme anxiety , emotional issues, depression and a loss of all previous relationships from before the accident. No one really understands and I don’t either half the time. I am constantly driving my wife crazy with my up and down feelings. And have almost completely feel divided from my family. I often forget that my injury could be the cause of all this. Reading this makes me realize I am not alone in feeling this way. Thanks

Thank you , you said everything I feel and then some. ❤

As a parent of Jake at 16 yrs post-injury TBI cat diagnosis my heart is open for all
Love Joseph

You're not alone.

Hi Ted. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. I am also dealing with a tbi injury ... you are so not alone, and I am grateful to you because just by writing to you I also feel that I am not alone. Our brains may have taken a hit, but our Hearts are what matter the most. Please take good care of yourself. You are precious. We are all precious.

I suffered a TBI 16 years ago I still feel like I have problems I just have to try harder at everything it takes me a little longer sometimes to identify different size pipe that looks close . I find my emotions go up and down as well unfortunately I seem to do best living on my own and not be dependent on anyone /cleaning/cooking less stress lower anxiety and recently stopped drinking coffee every morning Wich lowered my anxiety massively . I was a teenager when my car accident happened . Reading the side effects I feel lucky to have overcome alot of them but a some
Are a problem every day learning new things, understanding and problem solving can be frustrating resulting in frustration and low self esteem .

I wish we could all get together to explore the reality of the future
Love Joseph

All getting together to explore realities of our future sounds lk coul be an amazing weekend retreat. Like meet at a halfway spot, or central point between states/cities. Tbi severe 2008, total life changed: mental, cognitive, communication speaking & written (which were my strongest abilities & talents) can spontaneously disappear into a fog, emotional, physical, career, financial, life style, family, friends - crashed & burned. Resetting everything took-and ongoing- major work: spiritual faith, new personal support system, immediate medical support system, rehab system treatment was, still is, total God send miracle. Still grieving some pre-TBI life, established corporate career, long term life partner relationship, financial freedom, socialization. But unexpected fulfilling new talents & abilities have emerged, allowing me 2 make a decent living. Would love to get together share, give & receive new hope & strength. Blessings & love.

Thanks for the information you have provided through your blog.

Hi where do I start?
On the 31st of December 1988 I was hit very hard with a baseball bat on the left side of my head, it caused concussion and a loss of lots of blood, I was taken to hospital but remained awake throughout, I thought that was the end of it, I was 20 at the time and very fit and healthy.
Sadly a little while later I noticed small problems with things like vision, sleep, concentration, anxiety, and other things I had never noticed before.
I never once tied it to the head injury, and just carried on with life, but sadly my health deteriorated over the years, I have now been married 4 times, lost so many jobs, could not drive over high bridges and cannot fly anymore, when I used to fly all the time.
I am now 52 and fully housebound, having had what I call false diagnosis i.e. ME/CFS originally back in 1999, I am in so much pain that even morphine made it worse, my head pressure and noise (tinnitus) is horrendous and I worry about my future if I have one.
I have had 2 MRI's in the last 10 years and nothing has been found, but they were looking for vision and brain issues linked to ME/CFS.
Now last week I was seen in Leeds UK by a Neurologist and he some tests, physical ones, holding my head and I was to look at his nose while he quickly turned my head left and right, and jumping on the spot with my eyes closed and arms out, I ended up the other side of the room.
Long story short he said I had a major problem on my righthand side to do with my Ventricular system, so he is sending me for another MRI (anxiety through the roof).
Could my illness be linked to my head injury, the timings make sense, but asking for help is hard here in the UK.
Just to know it wasn't all made up and to say to family and friends I now know what has caused my illness will be the biggest prize, I was so ecstatic when I left the hospital last week I forgot to mention my head injury.
I can relate to so much of what you have written above, it will all be well documented in my medical notes, but with the lack of knowledge here in the UK on TBI's I am fighting an uphill battle.
Any help or advice would be great, thanks Mark

I support you wish for your best outcome moving forward
Love Joseph

Hi Mark, Our story is very similar Oct 1988 - 29 years old very fit, hit by softball bat to the back of the neck - three breaks in neck, brain bleed so they cut a hole in skull frontal left lobe to drain blood and clots ended up with crushed right ear drum, no balance without vision, no directional hearing, and tinnitus in same, massive battles with anxiety, depression, relationships over the years. Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists a plenty including antidepressants, sleeping pills etc. - no pills now - replaced with over the counter B vitamins for executive stress (decision making) and B6 (mood management)! The best way forward and it took a long time to learn was to understand how we should live life and what life really is - slow everything down and I mean really, really slow things down, learn about breathing techniques a great way to a quite mind, learn about Tao a chinese way of understanding life and us in it, meditation is a great way to de-stress (difficult to get a hold of at first but stay with it) breathing techniques are a great lead up to meditation, learn about living in the herenow - look for Ekhert Tolle, Teal Swan, Krishmurti, Tom Belieu (Tom runs various interviews) and learn about consciousness Rupert Sheldrake

I agree with the slowing life down! I have been trying to do that since my accident 4 years ago. Even before my accident I have always been a busy person, work, family, appointments (myself or kids). Helping friends with their problems and just non stop always on the Go. Now I ask myself what's the rush? There isn't a need to always be on the go or always having to do something. Also finding it really hard to even just sit and watch a movie/relaxing, or just doing nothing is a very hard thing for me to do.
Always makes me think of the country song "I'm in a hurry to get things done, so I rush & rush till life's no fun"...It's very true lol. So trying to be less depressed, have less anxiety and really take the time to enjoy things more instead of rushing thru it all. I am also on anti-depressants, they do seem to work a little. But still depressed, but it's stopped me from crying for NO reason. But I will have to try the vitamins you mentioned!

I am 3yrs into a TBI and I was a nurse now I'm nothing my family does not understand they just think I'm rude and nasty due to personality changes NO ONE gets I struggle everyday to be better and so I guess mostly isolation is best for me so I don't upset anyone. I take meds go to counseling but the old personality is gone, hope everyone handles the changes better than me and my family.for you DONT GIVE UP

I understand your situation. My wife suffered a severe stroke after the delivery of our third child, a healthy baby boy. Subsequently leading to brain damage. She complained about painful head pain after delivery, often stating "she felt like her head would pop or was being pressed". Everyone wrote it off as migraines and or seizures which she suffered from, only to finally realize her brain was hemorrhaging. She continues to go to therapy and experiences highs and lows especially with the limitations of being a mother, a daughter, and a wife. She is often scared, and frequently suffers from PTSD from her bleeding ordeal. Doctors were concerned that she wouldn't make it but, despite being in a coma, left side paralysis, speech and breathing difficulties; she has learned to walk again and jog in place, move her hands and arm, speak clearly, and breathe on her own. Challenges still exist, but that's just a small testament to God's mercy and healing power. Nothing is too small for God! I encourage you to focus on the positive, embrace the future, forget yesterday because tomorrow will be better.

Not Ventricular, vascular or whatever it is called oops

I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident somebody turned right in front of me and I was in a coma for a week and the hospital for 6 weeks, the accident was April 4th 2020 and the entire month of April is gone. I had server TBI and lost hearing in my left ear and balance problems and right side weakness. It's almost been a year but I want to know does eventually everything somewhat get better? I have went thru 'why me' stage and can't drive because police pulled my license. I have physio 2x's a week and chiropractor 1x a week but I'd like to drive again and get back to work. Like 2 weeks ago my right eye started going funny like twitching or 'dancing' so I have an optometrist appointment in 10days..