"Brain Injury Is ..." Brain Injury Defined By People Who Are Living With It

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Extremely frustrating at times especially trying to process to much at one time. You eventually go dim yet u think u be able to do it all. Then the numbness sets in and the processing ceases and it's not that u don't care u just burnout and fade. Kevin
I've always described my injury like I was reading a novel. I was enjoying the story, then one day I couldn't remember anything I read, so I had to start over. When I opened the book to the beginning to start over all the E's T's R's O's and N's were missing from the words. I could still read the story but it didn't flow as easily anymore. I got tired, and frustrated quickly trying to read it. It wasn't as enjoyable anymore. Nancy Garland - Ontario, Canada
at times severely depressing when you tell people you have a TBI and they don't believe you ...when trying to make decisions the brain becomes overloaded to the point of avoidance ...when support is needed the most there is no one there ...
when your sporty car comes to an end, just like most of your social aspects in life, you were proud of, come to an end too...
...being alone!!!
the lights are on,but nobody\'s home. Getting overwhelmed looking at a menu and not being able to make a choice. never having a drink, but drunk all the time.
Being very easily overwhelmed by too much of anything around you.too much noise, conversation, images, wind, rain or sunlight. Constantly wanting to retreat to a dark cave with a blanket and pillow.
http://p1.bikepics.com/2013/05/13/bikepics-2554992-full.jpg Living and trying to get out every day from the thinest glass cage,all dressed up in the heaviest steel ever...
I think I remember who I am, but yet I am different now.
being locked in a padded cell against your will, knowing what once was on the outside and trying to get back there, yet no amount of screaming or punching the walls is going to get you back, understood and accepted
Like having Alzheimer's in reverse.

I know right.

the dots never connecting
Inexplicable to the world....Kerry
I have said this many times:Having a brain injury is like dropping a box of unmarked pieces of a puzzle ..then picking it up & having NO Idea on How, What, When and Why ..to even start placing them together to make any kind of sense out of it.Often it is not the trauma that creates the most pain..it is the lack of support & understanding after.~WRH
frustrating, invisibly misunderstood, daily struggle for basic survival, easily flooded brain leading to "can't think"
Like having the starter line come off the lawnmower, and you keep trying to re-wind it to start it up again. Only the lawnmower is your brain.