Measuring Outcome for People with TBI at Walter Reed's Brain Fitness Center

The number of service members and veterans using the Brain Fitness Center has jumped exponentially. Among other studies, the center is looking at why its programs are working, how they are working, and who they are working for.

Posted on BrainLine July 20, 2012.

Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough, Brian King, and Jared Schaubert, BrainLine.

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What if patient seems to be well and recovering well and are back in the swing of productive society living?
Signs I have lived with are TBI patients may seem to be doing fine, but the outbursts of tempers and inability to enjoy a happy outlook of life, seem to overlook them in the assumption they are fully recovered because the symptoms do not always get reviewed by their healthcare specialists who are not trained in the signs of TBI after the wounds are seemingly healed.