Adopt a Helmet

Watch this witty video about the importance of always wearing a helmet when biking and skateboarding.

[traffic sounds] [narrator] Smiley is a brave helmet. He has been at the store now for weeks since arriving from the factory. Smiley puts on a brave face for customers during the day, but he knows very well that today, just like yesterday, might just be another day on the shelf. But you can help. [woman] Adopting Danny was such a breeze, and he plays so well with our puppy. [growling, panting] [man] I wanted a helmet like me...tough! I wanted to adopt a helmet that would go the extra mile for me. Little Danny--he'd take a puck for me. I mean, he's such a loyal helmet. [woman] And my husband's face? It's priceless, just priceless. [man] We only paid 40 bucks for him. [woman] Priceless. [teen boy] So I often take Rex here to the skate park. You know, get him a bit of air, hang out with the other skateboarders. It gives him a sense of purpose. And, besides, I guess it's what they were really bred to do. [narrator] What is his temperament like? [teen boy] He's fairly mellow so long as--you know-- I keep him outside--you know--a few hours a week, just to avoid any kind of separation anxiety. [narrator] Does he know any tricks? [teen boy] He knows one. Stay. [teen girl] There's just something about guys with helmet hair! It just does it for me! It's like they're wild and untamed, but they also have that soft, nurturing side to them where they can--like--take care of the helmet and then--like--the helmet takes care of him. It's just the bond--it makes me...[sigh]...well. [narrator] This woman found that when she started buying helmets, she just couldn't stop. [woman] It started with one. He made me happy. He made me feel safe. He was like my protector. So I caved and bought another and then another and then another. How could I say no? All the designs, the comfort, the outfit coordination. Each one was like a canvas, showing different sides of my personality. [narrator] How many helmets do you currently own? [woman] I don't even know. [crying] I don't even know! [traffic sounds] [girl] Mommy! I want that one! [woman] Victoria, you already have three helmets at home. [girl] But he is so cute! I promise I'll put him away after I use him. I'll take him for bike rides. I won't put stickers on this one. I promise! [woman] Well...he is cute. [girl] Thank you, mommy. Thank you! [wink] [Adopt A Helmet - Save A Life] [ - #AdoptAHelmet - Ottawa Public Health]
Posted on BrainLine July 17, 2012.

Used with permission from Ottawa Public Health, © Ottawa Public Health.