Common Pedestrian Injury Age Groups

For various reasons, discussed here, kids between 7-14 years of age and adults over 55-60 tend to get hit by cars more than other age groups.


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When you talk about people that get hit by cars, there's really 2 peaks. There's people that are children that are basically between the ages of 7 and 14 which have high risk, and then there's also the older group, people over 55, 60 that there's high incidence as well for the older population. And a lot of those issues with the older population is where they're not crossing at the corner, where they are trying to cross but they're not fast enough to get across the street, also auditory and visual problems, and also judging oncoming traffic. With the kids, it's basically teaching them the right safety skill of where to cross, looking left, right, left and also able to decide when and where not to cross, so using the signs of stop and looking at the crossing person and reading the green and the red signals appropriately.
Posted on BrainLine June 28, 2012.

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