How Brain Injury Can Exacerbate Physical Pain and What to Do About It

Pain can negatively color one's life; it can deplete a person's energy, especially when that person has a brain injury where energy is at a premium as it is. Adam talks about how this brain injury-related pain is not psychological, and can be treated.

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I was hoping for more information regarding this topic. I think most people with a TBI who are going to read this are looking for tips, other than to talk to your healthcare provider. Most of us are under the care of a Dr; as well as other healthcare specialists.

I agree we are 3 years in my son is 22 providers say it’s depression not pain. My son is barely hanging to life because we get road blocks in his care. What options outside of primary care have others used and been successful? He doesn’t sleep because of the pain in his head with screws and plates. He gets frustrated and angry wishes to just be happy and normal again.

My thoughts exactly. I’ve been struggling with getting little to no help and this was just another example of people talking and really giving no help or hope just talk