Frustrations and Struggles Even Years After Brain Injury

Adam's injury happened seven years ago, but he still finds he gets frustrated by some of his lingering symptoms. He suggests turning that frustration into a call to action to stay focused on your recovery.

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I received my TBI while on a training exercise. I spent 113 days in Landstuhl, Germany having four dark periods, head and/or eye pain, dizziness, balance etc. I was treated well while in Germany; however, after discharge, all symptoms returned. I went to Houston, TX VA Hospital, my records were lost, my doctors could not understand my complaining symptoms, I was treated like a mental person. I often wonder how I made it all these years; however the last 15 years it has been hell. My medical record was destroyed in a fire. The doctors as a whole used to say my problems are only psychogenic. Just recently the medical are now saying that they know my medical symptoms and complaints are real but we do not know how to treat them.

Am I alone with this problem? I have learned to live with the many symptoms but I can not accept when I am treated as though my complaints are only mental. Dammit, I am NOT crazy and that hurts more than the actual injuries.

Since this happened to me I am sure there are many others out there...
How are YOU handling it?