Every Journey Starts with That First Step, Especially with TBI and/or PTSD

Adam says that like drill and ceremony and calling cadence, which start with a first step, so does recovery from a brain injury and/or PTSD.

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Everytime I took that first step I got shot down again by 'normal?' people. Just too tired to take another step.
Dont give up. Its been three years for my 26 year old daughter. Its a long road and sometimes bumpy road but it can get better.
My TBI & War related PTSD is currently complicated by exposure to people circumstantially reappearing that remind me of what caused the PTSD. Am forced to struggle with the mental illnesses that such has caused. My private battle has once again become somewhat debilitating and sorrowful. Even acceptance is harsh with having to deal with it alone. Yet... it has to be done regardless.