At College, Move Beyond the Stigma of Asking for Help After a Brain Injury

If extra time on a test or memory aids can make life easier during college, why not use them? Adam talks about moving past the "stigma" of using disability services and getting the help you need to succeed in college.

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Thank you for the valuable info that you provide here, Adam. I am a veteran at East Carolina University, and I think a lot of vets here could benefit from your wisdom. There aren't a lot of comments on your video blogs on the Brainline you find that you are reaching more people, and getting more feedback via the site's Facebook page?
What I have found with some professors, is that they do not honor the ADA adjustments that I am allowed, they "look at me and see no visible disability" so therefore assume I am fine. This issue has led to lower grades because of that fact. When I do bring it up to the attention of the administration, it is ignored. I'm so tired of fighting. I acquiried a brain injury at the age of 42. Frustrating.