College After Brain Injury: Documentation You May Need

Adam talks about how easy it is to set up the accommodations you may need when in college with a TBI or PTSD by first getting documentation from your doctor.

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I was in a road traffic collision in July. I got out of the hospital four days ago with a bleed on the brain now I always have tremors and every time I look at my iPad I am finding it hard to see out of my right eye. why is this?

I wonder why the counselors for the GI bill don't make the students who are on the GI bill aware of this. The counselor my son has at the school he attends has offered no assistance or support or even concern over how he is doing in school.
You have to really stay on top of the school district and ask for help. It took me a year with emails, phone calls and finally getting the school to understand TBI's. A TBI is considered a disability under the 504 plan with our school district and they are required by law to accommodate my son. Even the teachers don't understand TBI's they just think the student is being rude and disrespectful.
My return to school was a nightmare. I did have documentation and linked up with the school's disability services office but it was in vain. They just don't have the training to support someone with TBI. I left school near the end of the semester with all A's and B's. Once you're classified as disabled, the other students look at you as if you have two heads.