Facts About Concussion and Brain Injury

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Thanks, this helped. i fell off my bed from a standing position, hit my head on the corner of a table, a fan fell on my face, and to top it off i really hurt a previously injured hip, No one was home so i felt like a parody of the commercial, lol, but managed to crawl out of the mess i was in. i am scared cuz i keep having to grab walls or furniture to stop from tipping over, and my memory is just atrocious, long and short terrm, but mainly short term. this happened 4 days ago and i am a bit worried, so any imput would really be a blessing.

It could depend on how many concussions that person has had say he had two or three then a simple tap on the head would not hurt unless that person just got the injury but the person would have to have gotten like five or six concussions for a tap on the head to hurt

 If a person has had multiple undiagnosed/untreated concussions could I simple tap to the head be harmful?

these letters confirm what happens every day in my partner's life.  One must take care of their brain even more after a brain injury.  His memory is terrible.  It's something that can't be seen by us only felt by them.  I get very frustrated that he doesn't take care of himself like he should.  I don't want to deal with injury related dementia from self abuse.

I had a concussion and I was ??? about it till I read this.

Same symptoms. Gets better than terrible. Yesterday movement tests symptoms..concussion. Said can take several months with rest.nothing strenuous and no blood thinners. Doing ct tomorrow to make sure no blood clots or bleeding. Think I've had previous concussions. Fear and mood swings try to go along with this. This too shall pass. No strenuous activity!!!!! Sleep as you need it doctor said.

I lost my balance trying to get up on a 2' retaining wall to take pictures of my broken fence. It was so scary--I rolled over backwards like a cannonball, hit my tailbone first, then my head bounced back and forth on the ground. Fortunately, it was grass but with hard clay soil underneath. That was March 27. I laid on the ground, cried, and shook for about 5 minutes before getting up. I was awake through the entire fall. I didn't know about concussions at all and took ibuprofen which was a big mistake. I am alone so I had no one to watch me while I slept. I went to Urgent Care three days later. The doctor did all the usual stuff--checked blood pressure, heart rate, strength, follow moving finger w/eyes, etc., then sent me home. He asked me if I wanted a CT scan. ??? How would I know this? The following week I seemed to be better and met all my obligations at work, etc. Then I started getting worse and worse headaches. The pool helped a little. So this has been over 3 weeks and now I am still frightened. I managed to get a new primary care physician and saw her. She did the same stuff as the other doctor but told me to be vigilant for symptoms such as worsening headaches. I know exactly what everyone means here by "not feeling like myself." That's where I'm at. I don't know what to do. A few minutes ago I was going to drive myself to emergency but didn't. The pain comes in waves that brings me to my knees, then a few minutes later, it subsides a little and I think everything is going to be OK. Today the top of my head was hot again and tingling inside. What is even more of a complicated mystery is that I think the fall I had 10 years ago that injured my right side (MRI and 2 sets of X-rays at different times showed nothing), might possibly be exacerbating this recent fall. Pinched nerves from the right scapula have caused sharp, shooting pains in my head as well. On the days in-between where I have felt better, I know I have overdone it, especially with the yard. I should be resting because I pay for it like crazy the following days. I pray that everyone who has experienced a head injury heals and can get back to their normal lives. It is absolutely horrendous to suffer these.

im going on 7 weeks since my concussion and the headaches seemed to be subsiding in the last week or so but then friday i began starting to ease myself back into schoolwork and whatnot and my headaches have skyrocketed to worse than even the days after the original blow..someone please tell me why ):

Last year i actually received my first concussion when at cheerleading and being 21 it scared me to death seeing how i havnt gotten severely hurt like this before. I was rushed to the hospital due to massive amount of pain in my neck and blacking out. I got told i had a massive concussion. I was told to rest and not do anything for about 3 months. I never returned due to the fact of i didnt want to ruin my possibilities of a career. So i continued to work and about 6 months after my concussion i went to work ( i worked with disabled children) and the boy actually hit me in the head with a metal rod. My adrenaline was working so hard that i didnt realize the impact until about 10 minutes later when i starting throwing up. I went home and it only got worse i went to the ER hoping it wasnt another concussion. When i got there the doctor was asking a bunch of questions and i blacked out on him i awoke later not knowing where i was what day it was or anything. I couldnt remember anything for about a week. To this day i still have major headaches and i get random bouts of nausea and there is nothing to do but lock myself in a dark quiet room. It is horrible and it sucks. 

Are these comments even real? They all seem like horror stories...

I am an 18 year old female who has a concussion right now and trust me it is hell. I got it a few weeks ago and this happens to be my third one. I have noticed that your body responds to what you do. If one day you are out and about doing things, the next day you pay. Rest seems to be working to help with the symptoms however the dark room with no distractions is a bit unrealistic because it usually ends up with me just falling asleep and I am told that I am not supposed to sleep too much. If anyone has any ideas on things to do while you have a concussion that would help with recovery please let me know

*Rest as much as you can, little or no tv, computers, texting; *good sleep is important I found melatonin to be very useful... Wish I knew about it earlier as I has many nights when I woke up too early*walk 10-30 minutes daily to get more nutrients to your brain. - yes, walk like your brain depends on it. Don't walk too much because you will get too tired... Just 10-30 minutes*listen to music and sing to it if you can, it is very therapeutic*if headaches and memory issues persist, find a concussion center.... concussion may affect your balance, eye coordination, and other things that someone at a concussion center can quickly identify. They will help with occupation and physical therapy if you need it.* if you watch tv, close your eyes during the commercials*i find writing things down helps me remember* limit the amount of coffee you drink...* read books on people who have been through it...or join a support group... *We get only one brain... No spare parts... The journey may be long or short... Let's take it one day at a time.

I think that for me im sorta the same except I dont have pts but I cant stand being g in a public place either and I need someone to go with me to the store I feel out of place and weirded out. Paranoid at times but that was caused by severe drug use two years ago. im clean today and still fear those problems listed above although they've gotten easier the more abstinence I am . So I suggest if u r using seek alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous meetings try journaling as well to see whats causing those feelings and thoughts and let me know how that works

I am pretty much in a similar situation. I cannot find quality medical help. I5+ yrs getting worse. cannot be in a crowded room or out in the public. I use to be very outgoing but now injury has progressed. Im in my own prison. also just waiting to die. cannot enjoy even a peaceful dinner at dinner table with family i have severe ptsd or neurotransmitters are badly damaged.Can any one HELP ME.

2+ years later i have detrimental chronic headaches. I no longer enjoy life as much as I used to. I never feel relaxed. Its hell. I wake up next to my life long partner, the pain in my head. Is death close? I wonder everyday.

Yes! I am 3 and half, four years later and have almost imploded my whole life. The anxiety and depression is the worse. Some things have certainly improved but now I'm kinda looking for supports around other weird lasting things.  For ex. now I choke on my own spit all the time. So weird but only since the injury. Some times I actually feel like my brain is swelling in my head. It feels like pressure and it hurts. I just wanna know what is going on now so I can be aware and manage it. 

I had an accident in early October. After about 3 months my symptoms became much worse. I have had to push hard to get any kind of help from the GP's here in Squamish. I have had to take matters into my own hands, this is so overwhelming what with the emotional impact. Have finally found some medical support and conclusive tests that at least explain what's happening to me. The mood swings are brutal, I am so emotional. I don't want to be taking depression/ anxiety medication, but I need to get through my day. Sound familiar? Are you considering medication? The cherry on the cake is the confusion and the emotional rollercoaster. I feel like I am losing my mind. I am unable to stay composed, I say things that don't make sense.

I received a concussion one year ago during a soccer game. I was treated and got better but recently I have been having bad headaches at the spot the concussion occurred. I hope it's not bad and it will go away soon.

I was recently in a car accident and suffered a concussion. I have a lot of pain on the right side of my head and behind my right eye. My eardrum feels like it's plugged like as if I was swimming and water filled my ear. The pain is constantly there and I feel very out of sorts and get so emotional to the point of tears as I'm not coping well. My mood is low. I feel anxious. I am paranoid in a car now and just want this to stop. I had a CT scan and it showed nothing. I went to an opthamologist as I am seeing what they call "floaters" in my right eye. At times I feel like I am going crazy as I don't know what mood I will be in from one moment to the next. All was fine before the accident and my whole world has been turned upside down. I understand what others are going through. If anyone wishes to chat some more and support one another I am here. Thank you.

Hello and thank you for sharing, i recently was hit by an object over the head in the grocery store and feel the same symptoms only on the lft site of my face and eye. I am curious how you are doing now, worried about longterm effects. Are you better, with much anticipation and hope that everything is back to before the accident

Fabulous article. I suffered a concussion in a serious car wreck 3 weeks ago. I appreciate knowing my new short temper is normal and will fade. Great information.

Hello,  Wondering if there is a website I can give to my fiance to better understand?  I know I have a concussion...I know I am not myself...I know I have no control over my mood swings...and that is really frustrating.  I just got into a car accident over the past weekend and was told I have a pretty bad concussion.  I want to help her understand that I am not myself right now and cant control my mood.  It scares me that this wont get better.  any advice is greatly appreciated in helping me get through this.  thank you

Okay, I had a concussion over a month ago, all the sudden I just woke up with that same horrible feeling in my head. Is it possible it's still not healed up?

I've hit my head multiple times before but they were never serious or anything. But this school year, I hit my head on the glass door of a bookshelf while I was picking something off and I'm afraid that because of that my head is slightly slanted on the side I hit. I also hit my head first when I fall backwards. I've always had good memory of everything, but now, I struggle in school for tests and need to think for some time for the things I've worn the past week/few days. I'm getting really afraid and my mother has only shaken it off saying I'm fine. But my sleeping is also getting worse because of the overload of homework I have. I recently turned 16 and I'm not sure if this is all because of school and stress or those falls for the past year(s) are finally having an effect on me. 

I'm 15, my acsident took place when I was 12. I had gotten hit by a 4 wheeler and had a serious concussion. I can't remember what I had done in school that day or anything that had happend. All i could remember was waking up in the hospital? Why is that?

New Years Eve maybe 5 years ago, I slipped several times hitting my head on concrete. I was intoxicated and never thought much about it to be honest and my friends and I pretty much laughed it off. Some years later, I am very forgetful and at times don't remember what was said yesterday. Could this be related? I'm only 45 so don't think it's dementia. Advice please.

I got a concussion on Monday. It's Thursday. And my head hurts and feels slightly numb. I feel like I'm going to vomit I'm shaky I couldn't bring myself to eat this morning and my coordination is slightly off. I'm dizzy and can't think straight. Help please. By the way I'm 14

hi.my grandmum had a concation 4 mounts ago..and now she can't move her arm..how do i fix that? pls help

Hiya I went out clubbing the other night and some bloke hit me on the back of my head on side behind my ear and I keep getting headacks and I pack paracetamol ever time I get pains then it comes bk when pills wear off plz help me

My husband and i have some arguments so he hit his head on the wall for many time ,2 days he have some pain by touching that part but today that is 3 rd day when he woke up in the morning he was felling some dizzyness, is there any thing to worry about ,should we have to go for any test please show us the way...

please help I have a 17 year old use to be such a great girl she has had 4 concussions in less than a year now she is getting mad and screaming all the time she curses doesn't want me or her dad around.  She is a straight A student Vasrsity Cheer capain. we are at a loss what to do she gets mad over the littles things when she is mad she bangs her head on the wall I've had to restrain her several times so she doesn't hurt herself drs. arent helping we need help or she is not going to graduate and go to college please someone help.

i was walking on the road instantly one ike hit me i got injured on brai skull bit blood clotted..please tell me how to get heal of it?as it is paining to my right eye also..n headache..how to get recover?

There is a story by JJ Virgin that has also been in the media lately about how high doses of omega 3s helped her son recover from life threatening traumatic brain injuries. Please check it out . I don't have the video and info links in front of me but will post later.


I'm going through this CRAZY HEAD PROBLEM RIGHT NOW, trying to solve his problem THE BEST I CAN, but nothing is helping me. I've been having  experiencing everything that is wrote on this website since 2010 till now 2014 (2015 coming up) and im telling people now but people think im crazy. Please give me advice if you CAN PLEASE! (sokdaranang@gmail.com) and this is my story. I had a serious car accident in 1999 when i was four. The car flip at least 4 times and i flew out the window but survive. I survive and never had a problem with it until 2010 when i was a Sophmore in high school. Around August when school started. I was very young and unkowledge about everything and so focus on school and work. It was also cause i was afraid to check cause its the brain. A fear of mine. So years pass by, one year after graduation i went to visit my family from a different state. I never told anyone my problem but i was comfotable so i talk about my problems. they told to to get it check up it could be from the car accident. i went to the emergency room twice but they didnt want to help me. i went to couldnt find anything and all i know is that im getting worse, and feel like my life is over, please contact me if you could give me an he brain doctor. he gave me a CT scan EED test blood and urine test and Medication, could find anything. I just had a MRI Scan in thailand yesterday and they NEGATIVE. I feel like ive been sleep walking in life and cant do anything right AND ITS ONLY GETTING WORSE. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.

I read the comments below and it makes my heart ache.  I too have been there. I was in a car accident 14 years ago this month.  I didn't hit my head directly, but I did punch myself in the jaw (due to the way I was holding my arm, and we were shaken violently.  We had hit construction plates that weren't properly placed and our card stuck to the bottom of the plate.  The doctor said it was the equivalent of a 55 mph ride into a wall.  I have had many of the symptoms described here, but I have a happy ending to the story.  At that time, I experienced so many of the symptoms mentioned, but no one would believe me except my naturopath.  All the medicines from the doctors made me sick, but the homeopathic remedy I took helped me more than anything else. For the next 7 years I struggled mostly with brain fatigue and my vision.  I was woozy most of the time and this got worse under florescent lights.  A couple of times I almost fainted from them.  During that 7th year I began going to school to become a homeopath myself.  During class I would have to wear a hat and sunglasses.  During my studies I came across a rather obscure remedy that was related to the one I had been taking.  I had been told my visual disturbances were irreversible and that I would be a little dizzy for the rest of my life.  When I took the remedy, I didn't expect this to change a bit, but when I woke up the next morning the world stood still for the first time in 7 years.  I could be under florscent light for much longer periods of time and I have felt fairly well since.  I want to encourage you!  I really learned quite a lot during the time I was recovering.  I learned to deal with disturbing thoughts and a brain that didn't work like I was used to and overcome, I had to learn to enjoy my world even if I was a little woozy.  I had to accept limitations, but in the end God answered my prayers . . . I was able to recover almost completely AND I learned a strength I never would have had, had this not happened.  The best method of coping for me was letting God teach me and use this experience to enrich my life in the end.

Hi I'm Denise from New Jersey , a licensed massage therapist. 8 months ago I fell down a flight of stairs, never hitting my head but I was holding the railing with one hand and slid all the way down landing on my butt and back. I got up and remember feeling as if someone shook my head very hard . 2 days later I was dizzy nauseas and feeling crappy. Here I am 8 months later. Some symptoms got better. Some new symptoms appeared. I had dizziness, light sensitivity, smell sensitivity, brain felt like it was shaking, nausea, pressure on face, pressure in head, pressure in eye, twitching when sleeping, menstrual cycle heavy and light, body temperature hot or cold, numbness in feet and arm especially at night . Now I have photophobia, eyes are seeing things closer than they are and a lil head pressure, balance is bad. Everything else went away oh and neck pain. The weirdest thing is that its only on the left side of my head . This PCS syndrome is so weird . I've had acupuncture and get neck massages regularly. They both help ease symptoms. I feel Dr.s don't know much about this so we need to continue raising awareness on PCS/TBI and educate each other on how to ease and hopefully find a treatment for this. I don't believe in medication , I believe that there are alternatives for our healing/recovery. Lets fight and continue to support one another. Please feel free to contact me denisemonroylmt@aol.com

Hi Denise:

Most doctors are boobs and don't know how to evaluate whether a person has had a concussion or not. I had a similar jarring of my brain after missing a couple of steps walking down my basement stairs. I suddenly fell forward and, as in your case, I did not actually hit my head. Had a severe headache after I made the mistake of exercising two days later because, as doctors told me "You couldn't have had a concussion because you didn't hit your head." As I said, most doctors are clueless.

I got a concussion Oct. 1st at one of my football games for high school and I can't sleep and have massive migraines throughout the night causing me to stay awake. I've been getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep for the past 2 weeks. I've been to numerous doctors and have to go get a MRI. I'm not sure what's....... Please help to inform me

I'm 14 and I have had a concussion since August I go to physically therphy for it but I get these scary thoughts is that normal

My fiance left for work at 6am, he always left early so he could take his time on his 45 minute trip to work.I ALWAYS WAKE UP WITH HIM EVERY MORNING AND OUR NOW 8 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER WOULD PLAY WITH HER DADDY WHILE OUR 5 YEARS OLD WAS STILL SLEEPING.WE DID THIS EVERY MORNING!!!!On Sept 23 2014.he left for work,it was THE ONLY DAY OUT OF 2 YEARS I SLEPT IN UNTILL ABOUT 20 MINUTES AFTER HE LEFT FOR WORK BCUZ OUR DAUGHTER HAD ME UP ALL NIGHT.when I woke up I called him and I got NO ANSWER..I sent him a video of his daughter crawling for first time..no answer.I thought maybe he left his phone in his car when he parked it at his job and got into his work truck for the day...AROUND 8 O'CLOCK AND STILL NO PHONE CALL ED I MADE A MISSING PERSONS REPORT ON HIM.the police officer came to my front door and says " does your fiance drive a 2008 white Vw passat?I Said..Yes..he said well " when your husband was coming out of the gas station ( which is only about a mile from our home) he was smashed by a state highway truck!!! HE died on the scene of the accident so they took him right across the street to a small ER to revive him then they air lifted him to shock trauma.I WAS SO MAD THAT NOONE CONTACTED ME..AND MY FIANCE WAS IN A FATAL CAR ACCIDENT AND I HAD NO IDEA! .AS SOON AS I FOUND OUT I RUSGED ME AND OUR BABIES TO THE HOSPITAL HE WAS AT STILL UNAWARE OF THE TRAUMA HE HAD..WELL..HE WAS IN ICU IN A COMA!...HIS RIGHT FRONTAL LOBE IS DAMAGED..EVERY RIB WAS BROKE..HIS LEG NEEDED A ROB PUT IN..HIS NECK WAS FRACTURED...LUNGS WERE MESSED UP...THE DOCS SAID HD WAS A VERY LUCKY MAN TO SURVIVE WHAT HE WENT THREW.Now on October 12th..he gas came out of his coma about a week agao..he has moved out of ICU and has went into the PROGRESSIVE CARE UNIT..they downsized his trac and put the feeding tube in side of his belly so it isn't all over his face.THE DOCS CANT BELIEVVE HOW WELL HE'S DOING.well the other night I sent the night with him..HE IS VERY AGGRAVATED HE CANT TALK N HE'S GENERALLY A VERY HYPER PERSON..he needed his trac cleaned out and he wanted me to do ig and I told him I couldn't and I explained why..he took his hand hand held my throat! I was in SJOCK.I LET THE DOC KNOW AND HE SAID IT WOULD JUST BE BCUZ HE'S EXTREMELY AGGRAVATED .AFTER HE DID IT..TEARS RAN DOWN HIS FACE IMMEDIATLY AND HE TRIED TO TELL ME SOMETHING.I JUST HELP HIS HAD AND COMFORTED HIM! I DONT KNOW WHAT YO DO AND THE DOCS DONT TELL YOU SHIT! I ASK HIM IF HE FEEL ANGRY AND HE SHAKEN HIS HAD NO.HE IS ALWAYS HOLDING MY HAD AND PUCKERING UP HIS LIPS TO KISS ME..I HOPE HE DOES NOT COME OUT VIOLENT...I CANT HAVE MY FAMILY DISTRYED!!!!! HAS ANYONE BEEN IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION????

Ive had 5 concussions in the last 2 years from hockey (im 15 by the way) i feel that they should take more steps to reduce hits to the head in hockey. I cant drive at night anymore (i live in canada where you can get your learners at 14) because the headlights from other cars give me bad headaches and sometimes i slur words when taking fast and make more mistakes when writing things at school, like missing letters in words even though i still get A and B grades. Most people dont realize how bad concussions really are. My classmatesat school tell me im a wuss and concussions arent bad. In health and science classes at schools they should teach kids about brain injuries. Many of my friends and me twice have gotten concussions and kept playing contact a sports which could be life threatening if they had recieved another hit to the head, because kida just think "oh its just a headache im fine" not enough people are aware of the serios consiquences of head injuries.

My husband was in a major accident in 1995. He suffered an extreme head injury. His logic and reasoning were skewed, poor impulse control and short term memory loss. In December of 2013 he suffered another head injury and has front right lobe encepholomacia. He has had seizures and has become paranoid and dangerous. I tried to stay, help my husband. I looked for help everywhere. He would scream, throw violent temper tantrums and blame me. He called me crazy and said I needed medication daily. In fact things got so bad the police and his doctors were called several times. They did nothing really to help. I was left in danger, tired, confused and my energy was spent. I told him I had to leave one day on June 3rd and that I just couldn't take anymore. I have reason to believe he was and still is using meth. Before I could get anyone to help me leave and call the local police in the area he flew out of the house in a rage, went to a local crisis center for domestic violence and pretended he was the victim. He got an immediate danger order against me and I was removed from the house in 20 mins. I had to file a restraining order as well to try to keep safe.  I owned everything in the house and had to fight the restraining order which he kept putting off three times. Finally on August 13th they granted me the restraining order and dropped his. In July he put our dogs up for free on facebook and my daughter interveened and we found a place for them to go. He has consistently done things usually between the 19th and the 3rd of the month. August 20th he filed for divorce stating thaI took marbles, a bb gun and tampons. I have no idea how to fight this. It seems no one has took me seriously and that he needs serious help and until he gets it I am in danger. This month he got a stalking order against me. He has been the one stalking me, using facebook to deflame me, he lies constantly and continues to call me crazy, my reputation is shattered, my health has taken a toll with all the stress and I am financially destitute. My question is why? Is this part of the brain trauma, the meth addiction or is he just narcissistic? What do I do to get my life back? Why are there no laws when someone gets this dangerous to commit them?

My son (4 years old) fell of our bar stool on Sunday an knocked himself out with my floor being stone I rushed him I'm hospital but as we got there he was fine play in ect nothin looked wrong with him now it's 4 o'clock Tuesday morning an he's be in sick an make in weird noises in his sleep what do I do please can someone give me some advice xx

So im very worried for my well being. Im afraid I have a concussion. I have a prolonged headache since last Friday and as of right now its Wednesday. However, that is my ONLY symptom of a concussion. The odd thing is I never suffered a hit to the head or neck in any way, however, I did yell my ass off during last Fridays High School football game. After yelling for some time I began to get a severe headache and felt dizzy. I doubt I have a concussion, but it is a possibility.

Didn't get what I'm looking for

I think your daughters back teeth may be growing in which is causing her pain

Take her to the hospital. Tell them she have Sevier head pain and pressure. I will pray for u.

I am a 52 year young .  was starting a big Catering business with business partners and a big investor. also i was manager at a huge Christian university when i was managing a restaurant on campus.I was always very active at work home life and ministry not remembering i believe i slipped on water.food grease and a hose went  up in the air came down on my head, shoulder neck resulting in rotator cuff repair, winged scapula and PCS. I have had symptoms continue for 2 years this coming September. headaches, vomiting when overloaded, no sleep to days of sleep, disoriented, blurred vision, hallucinations at nite when i cant sleep i see trees and stuff in my dark room, large crowds  give me tunnel vision or like walls closing in, moving head back and forth at church from monitor to monitor to see speaker becomes taxing eyes heard to move side to side head eyes hurt. swoosh sound in ears when i move my head side to side or if one walks in front of me past me i hear swosh or noise like a tic tic tic..i feel like rain on my face and at times people are talking in slow motion. at times i am having difficulty talking, thinking remembering, concentrating, on tests from my drs i cant recal well, speed stinks..not feel myself worried im not ok. feel like something is wrong and its not being caught..any help i would be grateful..believing God has answers hear for me  thank you

you should get your child checked for Lead poisoning. make sure that there are no led paint chips in your garden antique furnitureand many antiques

In October of this year, it will be two years since I collided with another person on the ice rink.  This collision was with enough force that I ended up in the air.  I landed on my head and then slid about thirty feet across the ice.  I am in my forties.  My life has never been the same.  I lost some time, had severe head pain and dizziness, was extremely nauseated, and could not see clearly for a few minutes after the hit. The hospital glued my head slice back together, observed me for several hours and sent me home with instructions to be woken every hour.  That was it.  No one told me how important those first days were. Even though I felt "off" I figured I was good after the initial 24 hours.  I carried on in my life.  Laughing used to trigger a headache and blurry vision.  I have improved, but I am coming to the conclusion that I will never be the same.  I have had headaches, dizziness, unsteady balance if I move my head in certain directions, memory loss, severe sleep disturbance, personality changes regarding patience and coping, problems with speech or recalling words or saying the right words, recollection, fatigue, restlessness, and if I exercise at all, I will have head pain or headaches for several days.  I used to be able to multi task and just keep on top of everything.  Now, I can be overwhelmed by a large crowd at the grocery store.  In the beginning, it seemed anything I hadn't done in awhile was a "new' thing for my brain to figure out.  I had trouble remembering what I used to open a can.  I could not remember how to make my favourite recipe.  I could not remember passwords or combinations.  These things were discovered slowly as I encountered them again during the months that followed my head injury. I am grateful that I have come this far, but I fear that this is how I am going to stay.  I have read so many different stories.  I have researched.  Some say there is hope for full recovery and that it just takes time....years even.  It is unsettling how three seconds of time can change  life forever.  For all those who have experienced any form of head injury, make sure you seek good advice immediately and let the brain heal.  Those first days and weeks are vital.