Facts About Concussion and Brain Injury

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I got into a drunken fight almost 3 months ago and believe I sustained multiple concussions.  I remember getting hit in the side of the head and don't remember much after that, other than being nearly choked out from behind.  I woke up to my head feeling different the following day.  It hurt to swallow for about 2 weeks but that went away. 

I have been battling a constant headache since then.  Sometimes the pressure, nausea and pain eases but my head always feels compressed.  It's as if blood vessels or nerves in my brain/cranium have been bruised, stretched, torn or damaged.  I also have tinnitus in my left ear.  The pain becomes unbearable when the unnerving tingling starts from the back of my head and radiates up and down to my forehead.

The burning behind my eyes are another story but that hasn't happened in a while.  Just when I think I'm getting better, my head takes a turn for the worst.  I have had 2 CT scans and an MRI with and without contrast.  Doctors tell me they show no abnormalities.  Before my unfortunate incident, I enjoyed working out and running now I pay for it later when I do.

Recently I've seen a neurologist and was prescribed pills for migraines and Gabopentin.  I think the Gabopentin makes my headache worse but helps me to sleep.  I'm thinking of having my neck looked at to see if there could be any damage there.  I have suicidal tendencies sometimes. 

I pray to the mystery that is the universe...with time and great belief, we will all return to our former and happier selves.

Just turned 30,


My symptoms are very similar to the person who commented they fell in the shower. I feel fine but when I lay down to sleep I get a tingly sensation in head and it's uncomfortable. I have to sleep on stomach. I went to urgent care but they told me I'm OK. I did not have CT scan. I'm not sure if I should go to emergency.

I was involved in a track and field accident. I did the no contact sport and always ignored the concussion mandatory meetings for all athletes. Now I have had a post concussion syndrome for almost 6 months. A long jumper hit heads with me at full speed which caused me to fall directly back onto the back of my head after hitting heads with him. In a way I got a double concussion. I blacked out only for a few seconds and was sent by ambulance to the ER. I have not been better since then. I would have been MVP and Captain of Cross Country this year and I can't even walk a mile without getting worn out. I am completely exercise intolerant. All I want is to be able to participate in my sport again.

I was a football and suffered multiple blows to the head. How long should I wait for the headache to stop or call it a concussion?

A week ago I fell in the shower: I hit the back of my head against the toilet (the impact point was between the skull's lower part and where the neck begins): the toilet lid broke and went flying (which I think helped as that released the impact energy some more instead of being absorbed back by my head): I did not lose consciousness; I just rested a few minutes sitting down in the shower, then finished washing and iced my bump right away. For a few days I kept icing my head; and the bump has subsided: it doesn't even feel sensitive anymore, even though it's still there. I have NOT once experienced nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, or loss of balance: none of that. My concentration and attention at work have seemed fine, but I have started feeling subcutaneous tenderness at the top of my head and some slight tingle-like headache (I am not sure how else to describe them- they do not impair my abilities, but they are there as a dull background pain). Clearly, I did some "damage", but  I am wondering if the headaches are part of the healing process or if I am deteriorating. Is it normal to feel this way? 

I just got hit in the exact same spot slipping down a few stairs. It doesn’t seem bad besides tenderness in the muscles at the top of my neck, and a continuous dull headache. It’s been a few years since your comment, how did your recovery go?

Three years ago I went head on into a tree with a snowmobile. I had a concussion, broken back two places, broken sternum, broken clavicle, bleeding on the brain.

At 30 mph I hit a 12 inch diameter tree straight on. My helmet skipped off the tree on impact wrapping my neck and shoulder around the tree while the snowmobile back end crushed me against it.

I was put on pain meds Oxycodone 5 mg -325 ,for the next three years for pain from shoulder and kneck (it took 8 months for the clavicle to heal, knocked out a 1 inch piece of bone).

Two months ago my doctor pulled me off the oxy due to the recent spike in addiction related uses. For three weeks I went without pain meds other than Tylenol, which I took to many trying to control the pain (similar to an earache but in the neck). I had acid reflux and seem to vomit a lot.

He ended up putting me on fentanyl patch for 24 hour pain control three weeks ago. To make a long story shorter I have been constantly vomiting, so I stopped using patch. I still seem to vomit almost every day.

I have narrowed down my constant vomiting to this: any excessive stress situation, I get motion sickness while driving, visual stimulation, excessive visual or sound activities will cause me to vomit non stop.

After the accident I couldn't watch TV, be in a room with more than one person, spent a lot of time in the dark. Any brain stimulation (dog barking) would cause me to almost instantly become nauseous for the first month.

I am concerned that the three years I was on the oxy may have masked long term issues that I now seem to be having.

I have been at the same job for 20 years and have to leave meetings due to extreme nausea. I blamed the patch for the sickness, but even though I am off it I seem to be getting worst.

I need help with this.

My husband and got into a car accident 3 years ago. I hit my head so hard on the windshield that it even the thick glass cracked. I was unconscious for a short while coz when I opened my eyes everything was white and blurred, and soon as I stepped down from the car I was dizzy, the guy who witnessed the accident offered me a monoblock chair to sit on. I had to put myself all together coz it really hurt, luckily my husband wasn't wounded badly because of the airbag. After a few minutes, we went to the nearest hospital to have myself checked-up at was told that should have an X-ray. The x-ray result showed that I should have a CT Scan and so I did. Everything was okay according to the doctors. However, as days passed, I would have minor headaches, my vision even got disrupted by small dots. I feel fine, I look well, until we found out that I was suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), I had a lot of therapy sessions with my doctor then. I though everything was okay then, because I had my vision fixed with eyeglasses. Until today, I had a headache that's not usual, i can feel a lot of pressure from the area in my head that got hit 3 years ago. I would sometimes press that area and it's quite sensitive. Then for quite some time I can feel some tingling in my ears. Are these connected with the accident I had 3 years ago?

I was recently at the weight room and Coach decided we should add these ropes to the weight lifting stations. We had to pull up from the ground using the ropes. I kinda felt like we should not be doing this, so he said.. One person at a time, so I went ahead and took my turn. But instead someone didn't want to wait and came down with tons of weight on the bad and hit me as I was coming up. Gladly there was no cuts or black outs, but it's been 2 weeks and it's been getting worse, and we can't afford further treatment and staying at home pretty much sleeping and just trying to cope with it isn't enough. I hope it gets better

Sounds like he has one take him to the ER

Take him to the hospital. Better safe then sorry always

A couple of days ago my boyfriend was jumped by two guys he did lose consciousness but I'm not sure for how long. He has a few bumps on his head from being hit but the bumps don't seem to be going down quite yet. He says when he touches the bumps they  feel tender to the touch. I'm very worried  because he said he is feeling very tired and has a lack of energy, as well as a slower reaction to things. Not too bad but enough for him to see a slight change in behavior. After observing his activity  I have been seeing a bit of a change in him.  He is a little more calm than usual. There's a little bit of delay in how he comprehends things but that started 6 days later. He was also hit several times in the face. There is not bruising, just a lot of swelling. I know a lot of this is normal when you get in confrontations but after almost a week of healing, he is not showing signs of trauma. I know concussions can sometimes take time to show signs. I'm worried that the bumps are still tender and the fact that he did pass out. I'm trying to take him in but he wants to wait a couple more days because he said it's not that bad right now. What should I watch for over the next few days or do I just drag him to the hospital.

go to the hospital immediately. It could lead to a blood clot. You need to go. Some people think it will go away on its own? It might go away but I didn't go to the E.R and I wish I would have now because I still have symptoms 4 years later! I hope this information will help you. Good luck.

To the person above me who was bucked off: You had a concussion, no doubt. Please see a doctor. A few years ago I was tossed off my horse and I thought I was alright... The same thing happened.

I was bucked off my horse 4 days ago. Had my helmet on, thank God. Landed on a hard surface on my lower back. Kinda remember hitting my head but it was the pain in my lower back that had my full attention. Did not go to ER went on the trail ride after I got up. Here it is 4 days later, my back is still sore but I got up this morning feeling like I was going to throw up. Have had a headache pretty much all day. Trying to decide if I should go to ER or not. I have insurance but I hate hospitals.

I had a really bad fall off my horse 2 years ago where I fractured my sacrum and tore so many ligaments in my leg that I couldn't move it for about a month (it still acts up once in a while).  A few days after the fall I had the most intense headaches and nausea.  I never used to have headaches until this incident, but for about a year they were almost daily.  I was exhausted and could sleep 20+ hours a day.  I became forgetful (e.g. not knowing if I had used shampoo the moment after I had).  I had researched so much online but nothing helped until I came across an article about how concussions can prevent you from having restorative sleep.  I was in really good shape, but if I worked out my muscles would be so sore for days and my job included working with my hands that were now feeling arthritic and weak.  This article I read suggested a low dose of amitriptyline (10mg) before bedtime.  I started taking it a year ago and it gave me my life back.  I feel about 80-90% normal, but still get headaches and exhaustion if I push myself too much.  I hope this will also help someone else. 

Sounds like symptoms of a concussion. I hope she's feeling better.

6 months ago I got kicked in the head by my horse which resulted in an orbital floor blow out, which has no been repaired, the operation has gone really well and you could never tell I have had it done. However I am left with double vision on extreme gaze up and down which I can cope with, but its the changes I have noticed to my general self. Some days I feel great but today I feel spaced out like I didnt wake up very well, my speech is slow and my reactions are foggy, I'm forgetful and cant get my words out whilst trying to speak. Is this normal to change from one day to the next? Today I cried for the first time through pure frustration and worry that this is not normal? I can put things down and immediately forget where I put them. Apologies for any spelling mistakes I'm starting to feel low and hope I wake up better than today :-(

My daughter is 6 years old she got her first concussion at home today walking with a blanket on her head. She got knocked out she lost consciousness I called 911 immediately. She theny woke up really confused she vomited 3 times. Then came back to it when paramedics were working on her she was alert and was asking what happened to me mommy? I explained she tripped and fell and bonked her head and mommy has to call them here to make sure my princess is safe. She relaxed. She stayed awake the whole ambulance ride we arrived we were put in a room then 30 minutes later when the Nurse made her try and walk she vomited 4 more times. Is this normal to vomit that long after hitting her head? Also CT scan came back normal. They sent her home still nauseous still confused and not all there. Should they have kept her at least overnight to monitor her? We're home now I woke her 1 hour into her sleep to make sure she will wake up. She woke up really confused she was fighting me to not hold her hand on the way to the bathroom she even got lost on the way to the bathroom is this normal? If anyone has had a similar situation and knows anything about it please help. I am not familiar with concussions or head injuries. Thank you in advance

I'm dealing with a similar situation...

I fainted in my elevator and sustained a massive blow to my head, a 5" laceration to my scalp (8 sutures - instead of staples since I had to do MRI), and two fractures in my C4/C5.  Yep, the blow was so hard, my neck snapped back and literally broke my neck!  Luckily no serious brain damage, and luckily no spinal cord damage.  The fractures are slightly displaced but stable so no surgery needed, thankfully.  I'm in a hard collar x4 weeks and a soft x2 weeks, ruined summer :(  

Anyway, my concussion is awful.  I've had a few in my life (sports injuries) and nothing compares to this.  Sensitivity to sound and light, constant headaches, forgetfulness, dizziness, trouble forming sentences and communicating.  It's been 7 days with no signs of improvement and I sincerely hope it doesn't last much longer.  Concussion recovery is certainly varied depending on the person and injury.  Good luck to all, hope you don't suffer too badly.

When I was in child I came from a very violent family. I have suffered from multiple shots to the head. I'm now 60 and worry about them. I do go off on a regular basis -- anger then sadness. Can this be linked to all the shots I took to the head? I do have trouble doing things that were easy a few years back.

In my early childhood I was run over by a backing up car. I'm now 60 and I've experienced short term memory loss and I'm concerned about dementia now. Can that be a trigger for dementia?

I fainted, fell straight back and hit the top back of my head on the wood floor. Ambulance ride to the ER, 6 staples to close the gash. Solid 2 1/2 weeks of vertigo, serious fatigue, and getting overwhelmed by any visual stimulation, or too many people talking at the same time. It's been 4 weeks now, and am luckily feeling normal again with minor moments of vertigo and spaciness. 

Well it takes time recovering even if it's just a week or a few months. Some people have a really slow process with recovery. It's normal to have headaches and nausea after a concussion because it's your brain is still healing. It's important you rest even if it has been 6 months since you had the concussion. Since you had that concussion your brain is going to be more sensitive so you should be careful. If your headaches increase and get worse or you have nausea you should see a doctor. Hoping this helped.

Hi I'm 14 and I had a concussion 6 months ago and I am still getting headaches but they are gradually going away it just takes allot of time and my anxiety and depression I think have slowed the process down.

I was in a bad car accident. I had 2 places that were bleeding in my head. After it stopped the worst of the swelling and bruising went away but my eyes were black and my forehead. It's been 3 weeks and some of the feeling has come back but the top of my head is still numb most of the time. Every now and then I have feelings in head and forehead. It's going to be a long road but everyday is a little better.

The big organisations' have got us by the short and curly's! They have every device under the sun to evade compensating anyone injured who subsequently loses their job and ends up financially worse off. Firstly you have to prove you have been injured even if you have witnesses. Most NHS scans come back unremarkable, then all your past medical history is dragged out in the open with which they go through with a fine toothed comb. God help you if you've ever been depressed or suffered anxiety. Just to advise anyone in this situation. If you are truly suffering from headaches, balance problems, concentration problems vision problems and your NHS scans are unremarkable, please check  out the option to have an UPRIGHT MRI scan with a reputable organisation. (I went to a private clinic in London to have one of these after an NHS CT brain scan,  MRI brain scan and  MRI neck scan came back normal).  My upright MRI scan showed ligament damage - alar and transverse,  offset odontoid peg, hind brain herniation ( cerebellar tonsillar ectopia) and a kyphotic clivo-axial angle (which causes deformative stress on your brainstem) And  my thoughts on this last injury - could possibly be the cause of my persistent streaming sinuses. 

My fiancé had a concussion in 2013 and he's still suffering from it to this day. Almost everyday he has a headache, sometimes worse than others..and feels tired all the time. His sleep patterns are strange and he says he hasn't felt the same since his accident. I feel so bad, I wish there was something I could do to help him. We've seen a neurologist and audiologist..but basically led to nothing so far.

I recently fell and hit the back of my head on a metal bar, actually splitting it open and suffering a concussion. It's been 5 days now and I am still not remotely feeling like myself. I ended up being taken by ambulance and getting 5 staples in the gash in my head. Hoping to recover soon, in the meantime, I've had nonstop headaches, ringing in my ears, lethargy, and dizziness. I have taken it easy and not tried to over do it. I'm still in a fog like state, and hoping this goes away soon, my anxiety and depression are out of the roof. :( sending healing vibes to everyone going through the same thing right now. 🌻

Im am only 18 years old and this is my 5th concussion, i am on week 4 of recovery and still dont feel like myself and dont know how much longer it will take, i also have gotten anxiety from this last concussion and i cannot control it.... does anyone know how much longer this will take or what i should do to feel healthy?

I am happy reading all these comments and knowing that i am not alone. This is a battle we all need to make it through and have faith and beat. Dont give up. I know from personal experience just how much life can change and how hard life can be after a brain injury. My story began All the way back in December of 2006. I was 16 at the time and took martial arts classes. One night i was sparring with a much older man and did not have head gear on. We had boxing gloves on and i got popped a bunch of times in my head that made my neck snap back. I did not black out. I remember going home and going right to bed with a major headache. I then remember waking up in the middle of the night with my head numb and throbbing. It was the worst headache i have ever had. I told my parents and saw the Dr soon after and had a ct scan done. The scans came back normal but this was now weeks after the initial injury. Well, hear i am. A decade later. At 26 years old in 2016 sitting at my computer at 2:02am because i have a splitting headache and can not sleep. Ever since that night for the past decade i have had horrible "jolt" like pains that come and go along with a "brain fog" type feeling and head pressure. I have had good days and bad days but its ben about six months now that i have been in my house unable to work or function. I have 0 social life now and can not even lay down in my bed without feeling pain and discomfort. These "jolt" pains feel like being stung by a bee inside your skull multiple times a minute throughout the entire day. No exaggeration at all. I have gotten an occipital nerve decompression surgery and multiple injections to see if it would help but unfortunately nothing had helped. I have thought multiple times about offing myself to escape the pain and suffering that this has brought me. I dont know if i will ever be the same. We can not give up though. We need to keep faith and fight this. Stay strong my friends. You are not alone.

I wanted to post an update to my last post. My accident was March 26 2016, I posted about my falling on my face/forehead in a driveway. After 2 months I am feeling 90 % better. I was so out of sorts in the beginning- total haze and hopelessness for the me I had lost. The first 4 weeks were awful. But slowly I've been returning to my pre fall brain function. I wanted to give everyone hope! I still have headaches - get tired easy and know my processing speed is slower. But the haze is gone and I continue to see improvements. Part of my personality shifted, I'm not sure if that is going away or that old me is coming back. But I'm hopeful I can adjust to the different me. I have lots of encouragement around me. Although most everyone doesn't get that I am still experiencing difficulty. I just realize I have to make adjustments for me. Still I am thrilled with how much better I am. 

Keep the faith!

I was punched in the nose 2 weeks ago. The ER said it was fine. The next day I went to another doctor. That resulted in a CT scan. That was fine but then a sports medicine specialist said it was a concussion (4 days after). Now, 2 weeks later I still haven't returned to life and I'm just really sad. And to top things off my head hurts bad, I can't sleep, my vision is messed up and the kid who did it was only suspended for 3 days and I will miss more than 2 weeks.

Almost 2 weeks ago I tripped and hit headfirst into a plastic barricade around a steel roof support at work. I may have knocked myself out for a few seconds but am not really sure. I couldn't feel or move my hands for about 5 minutes then started feeling "shards of glass" in both my arms from shoulder to wrist. At the time, a flashlight was shined in my eyes and I was told my pupils dilated normally. I was taken to the ER and diagnosed with 4 compressed discs in my neck. Nothing about a concussion. As days went by I kept having issues like nausea, vomiting, dizziness where my vision blackened, confusion, memory lapses, and I almost passed out. Went back to the ER 10 days later with a diagnosis of post concussion syndrome. I always though I had to have hit hard enough to have caused a concussion if I had 4 compressed discs but no one thought to make sure. Now just a matter of time waiting to fully heal and have neck surgery.

I was involved in an accident at work where I went face first into basically a jagged wall.  I was never given a concussion test. About a month later my problems started.  I didn't feel right, I kept telling people I felt off axis and tilted to the right.

It took about 5 months, but I finally got a CAT scan. They decided it was sinus related.  By now I was having serious balance problems, my eyes were going in and out of focus, and I couldn't actually explain to people what I was experiencing.  I told people it felt like I had a stroke.

Well while no one could figure out what was wrong with me, I had developed severe anxiety and depression.  I was doing Balance physical therapy, and it definitely helped my dizziness and tilted feeling.

It's been over 2 1/2 years now, and I'm not able to keep down a job, I have serious memory problems, lack of interest, I've become isolated from any friends or family, and I suffer from these weird, almost seizure like, episodes. It feels like I'm being hit by some weird force field trying to knock me off balance and into the ground.

I've seen a neurologist, who told me I have post concussion disorder, but shouldn't I be getting better?  If anyone has had similar problems for this amount of time and improved, please let me know what you did for treatment.

Thanks PB

I know this is years later, but your story stood out to me the most. Long story short, I got hit Head on by a state plow And it has been a little over a year for recovery. Day of the accident I was discharged without being diagnosed with a concussion..or anything for that matter. Family member had to bring me back since I didn’t wake up for 17 hours. My life has not been the same. My ear sounds like a broken speaker, my eye vision goes blurry, migraines every night, light sensitive, noise sensitive, can’t focus, stars, I have everything that everywhere says “seek immediate medical attention if experiencing these symptoms”. Sad part is, I have been and I still haven’t found answers. I can’t hold a job, and I think the worst parts about all of this is the judgement I get from my significant others family due to the fact that “I don’t have a physical disability”. And another major thing I don’t feel like me, I feel like a different person wearing someone else’s skin.
I am curious though, have you heard of any other experiences? Has your experience gotten better? How are you doing?

Yes. It is the most horrible thing I have ever been through. Post Concussion for 10 months. Although I have good days. And I was an athlete before this.... if I go to the gym and do even the simplest exertions I am back to square one for several days. Balance.. dizzy. Etc. This is the worst.. worst.

My 15 year old daughter recently was diagnosed with 2 separate concussions within 7 days. She has seen several doctors and has been pulled out of school and advised to have no activity. For the past 2 weeks she has been sleeping 18-22 hours a day and has been in severe head pain every day. The last day and a half she has seemed to be making a dramatic turn for the better. Less severe headache and much more energy. She seems to have returned to herself almost overnight. Is it normal to have such a quick reversal in symptoms? Definitely not complaining, just seems odd she would turn around so quickly.

About 2 and a half years ago, I was in a small accident on an ATV. Unfortunately, I came out with 11 skull fractures and a severe concussion. Now, I continue to have a ringing in my ear and have very sharp pain through out my fractures. The only treatment that has ever helped me is a constant pressure on my fractures ( usually just me holding my head ) and a warm bath. Other than that, there has never been anything I can find to help with my pain.

I was hit on the side of my head just above my ear by a thrown softball while playing in a coed game.  While running to first, the second baseman threw it and I was knocked to the ground.  This is my first head injury and I am a go getter type of person that doesn't give in to pain.  This has thrown me for a loop. I feel for anyone who has gone through this.  I am going on two weeks since the injury and I am still not myself.  I am still very bruised and sore where I was hit.  I get sharp pains in the side of my head and back behind my eye and temple area.  Still a little dizzy if I move to quickly and my memory is not working to well.  Getting my words out is almost like I have a stutter at times.  I cannot seem to find what I am trying to say.  Very frustrating.  I definitely will sympathize with anyone going through this. 

Hello I have a Friend that goes through some of these issues. I'm glad I look up this article on brain concussion after a fall. I had noticed changes in him & didn't know why. Now I understand. To hear all the stories really gets to my heart. I am so sorry for your accidents. GOD will keep all of you in his hands. Keep the FAITH. I am PRAYING for you all .Thank you again for helping Me to understand.  JSM

My 13 year old daughter jumped over a cement wall that separates my house from my neighbors. When she jumped over her foot got entangled in the vines and she fell over the wall slamming her head on the concrete. I saw the whole thing and I ran over, I thought for sure she split her head open, but she didn't. She was dazed, staring into space and was quiet. I monitored her for the next 15 minutes when she began to become very sleepy, had ringing in her ears, she was dizzy, walking sideways and complaining that she felt like she was going to puke. I took her to the ER and she was diagnosed with a concussion. It has been a week, but she is still not herself. She still has ringing in her ears, is extremely sensitive to light, is on nausea medicine and still has headaches. She is a very active child, but now she is careful, can only go to school for half days and is a little more sensitive. I hope she continues to heal and becomes more like herself. It was a very scary night for me, especially when I witnessed the accident.

A very concerned parent, but this article has helped, but also made me more concerned about her.

Hi everyone, I had a concussion over 6 months ago - I was hit in the prefrontal cortex region. I still have lingering memory issues what is really bothersome is that I have dysphagia. My neurologist says it is not from the concussion but I had not had this symptom  until after my concussion. Anyone else have this issue. It is definitely cause by the concussion!

Hi anonymous, I fell backwards on my back after failing an ollie on my skateboard about 6 months ago - I remember landing on my back, shoulder and tailbone and all I was wearing was my helmet. I still have physical issues and what is really bothering me is that I have unresolved dysphagia (cannot swallow food or even tiny particles, only liquids). I feel your frustration! I have seen many different Gastroenterologists, have had two endoscopies done, Speech Pathologists, and am waiting for my first appointment with my Neurologist.

What was the right treatment for you?

My concussion changed my life. I was a type A functioning executive that turn into a mild mr individual. Nothing worked n nothing made sense to me. The doctors didn't know what was wrong n I lived in hell for 3 years until I received the right treatment. Before getting the right treatment I tried to kill myself because I couldn't get used to a person that needed assistance from others. It's been almost 7 years and I still haven't fully recovered. I pray for everyone that's on this unpredictable journey with me

I’m so sorry to hear, I can fully understand how you feel. I went from a mother of 4 boys, self employed, never said no to anything anyone needed. Cooked all homemade meals, baked, worked incredibly long hours & fully involved in all my families lives. Until I fell & hit my head 2xs:( no one understands why I’ve changed, why I walk with a cane(balance loss) why now they all need to help. It’s so upsetting that my husband thinks tough love is what I need. A hug & some love could go a long way, instead I feel my whole family no longer cares for or about me. Broken-hearted mom

I have had 3 concussion in my life the last concussion my words were not comings out right the last one was the worst. I still have problems remembering what I had just said

Two weeks ago I fell and broke my nose.  I almost immediately had a headache; however, I attributed it to my nose and nothing else.  Since I really didn't want an assessment about my nose, I didn't go for medical attention.  In retrospect, I really should have.  The headaches have not stopped; I am forgetting things; I feel lost inside myself at times; my sleep pattern has fallen apart. Yesterday, I went for my yearly physical, and wouldn't you know it? I not only broke my nose but I also got a concussion when I fell.  The information here and the posts from other people have made me feel less alone with these symptoms.  Very much appreciated.