Why the Therapeutic Window Is So Important When Treating TBI

It can take hours from the time someone sustains a moderate to severe TBI for doctors to diagnose, test, and attain consent to use an experimental drug like methamphetamine. The 12-hour therapeutic window helps.

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One of the reasons that we wanted to determine what the therapeutic window was is that it takes a long time to recruit someone into a trial. If they show up at the E.R. with a head injury, they have to be diagnosed, they have to go through a battery of tests, and then you have to get consent from them or a family member. If you have to have the drug in them within 6 hours that becomes really difficult; you are only capturing about 10% of the patients that come through. If you can push it to 8 hours you are probably capturing about 50% of the patients. If we could take it to 12 hours we are probably looking more like 80% of the patients. And so, that's partly why we were trying to define what the therapeutic window was and define just exactly how long we had to be able to treat patients.
Posted on BrainLine February 8, 2013.

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