Not Just a Special-Needs Mom

You can't be a special-needs mom all the time. You have to take care of yourself, too. When you bring normalcy to your own life, the kids can have more normalcy, too, says Nicole Wight.

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[] [Nicole Wight - Mother and Caregiver] How do I take care of myself? I get my hair done every 6 months. My hair girl will hate that I say it because she's knowing it should be every 3 months and it's not. I started geocaching, which is something that I used to make fun of my husband very deeply for doing, which is basically going out into the woods and finding treasures that people hide. But I've found doing that with him gives us a lot of time to just be together. And usually we don't even say anything. We're just together in a park walking around. And that's good for us. The days that he's not with me and I do it, like I went earlier today, he was telling me, "I'm so jealous you're out there geocaching." I found 3 of them. I was really out there more for the walk and for the peace. So going outside. I love to go out to eat with my friends. I'm such a foodie. I'll do coffee. I love going to Starbucks. I'll go for a run. I love bike riding. Things like that. It can't always be about being a special needs mom full time. It just can't. You can't survive that way. And believe me, I have tried to make that my only purpose in the world. And you just can't. You eventually realize that once you get your sense of normalcy back, the kids start to get theirs too.
Posted on BrainLine November 14, 2013.

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