The NICoE's MRI Machine Is Their Workhorse Imaging Instrument

The MRI machine at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence is programmed by in-house neuroradiologists to generate far more information and nuanced images than do standard MRI machines.

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Our workhorse instrument, the MRI, it's an MRI system that costs about 3 million dollars. [Gerard, Riedy, MD, Phd, Neuroradiologist] You can buy it, but it's specially programed by our group to examine traumatic brain injury, so in essence, you could buy that machine, but it wouldn't act in the way it acts here in at the NICoE unless you had a team of people that program it the way that we program it. So it's much like maybe buying a Mustang and souping it up in such that it's going to go 400 miles per hour as opposed to 200 miles per hour. So our examination is much more comprehensive and generates a lot more information and images than the average MRI of the brain that you would get say at an emergency hospital or in the military at a medical treatment facility.
Posted on BrainLine September 28, 2012.

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