Types of Neuroimaging

On an MRI, for example, you would want somebody to be using a larger magnet. Okay, so you would be looking for somebody who would be using a 3T magnet as opposed to a 1.5T magnet. So you're going to see more--the bigger the magnet, the more you're going to see. And you'd probably be looking for something, a protocol in the MRI called diffusion tensor imaging, which might pick up some disruption in the white matter tracts.

Which MRIs are best? And what other imaging techniques are available for diagnosing TBI?

Wayne Gordon

Wayne Gordon, PhD, ABPP/Cn, is the Jack Nash Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and associate director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He is a neuropsychologist and the director of the Mount Sinai Brain Injury Research Center.

Posted on BrainLine March 15, 2011

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