Understanding Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

A car crash, for instance, can cause subarachnoid hemorrhage — bleeding in the area between the brain and the thin tissues that cover the brain.

Posted on BrainLine November 21, 2011.

Used with permission from the Georgia Health Sciences University.

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Well I have had multiple head injuries since I was young and I mean multiple I had bad luck with car doors and falling out and rolling across highway streets mostly in turns started at 6 or 7 up until around 11 or 12 but then I started with motorcycle and go carts that I wrecked a lot from complete flips to just doing in air tricks at high speeds jumping levees hitting trees in mid air then around 14 years old I began part time job at grandfathers business and then over cranes when hooking up equipment began hitting me never once knocked out never once never forgotten anything and not once landed on my but ever and never needed help on my feet now at age of 50 I have a uncontrollable brain doing things I don’t understand or ever been trained for and an excellent recall in which I always had to this day I remember everything but now vision and hearing affected motor skills as in dropping stuff and headaches to which I never had in life besides hang overs but I began reading a lot of medical journals and trigonometry and just anything I can think of with a friend or family member I research give advice and usual I right but I could never do this in school it’s like I am growing backwards and loosing weight and fit have been overweight most of life just curious is this normal or small percentage or maybe 3 in world or should I have not mentioned on internet in open forum

The middle child and I was pretty rough. Fights. Lots of falls...off of a train ..(it wasn't moving..my arm hit the metal wheel and broke in two places...lots of cuts and then...TBI. Bad memory I thought it was just me disassociating but it wasn't emotional or mental . it's biological and the TBIs....I can't remember (not funny lol) HOW MANY times I was in a scuffle at school or falling out of a tree or being thrown off a jet ski or go cart. Gosh ..I'm a late bloomer I seem to have gone backwards as well with many things...I forgot to get married!