Audio Described TBI & My Longest Ride: A documentary film

A film by Cheryl Green.

This film has Audio Description. The non-described version can be found at TBI & My Longest Ride: A documentary film​.

Please note, this film contains graphic imagery of Karl in a coma. Karl Kajomo Moritz faced the ultimate life change when he was bicycle commuting home from work in 2010 and was hit head on by a car and spent five weeks in a coma. Kajomo developed a healing plan with healthy eating, acupuncture, speech therapy, neurofeedback, and high cardio velodrome track riding. He embarked on what he calls spinning for neurogenesis: improving cognition and overall brain bandwidth and reconnecting with his sons and his community.

Posted on BrainLine April 19, 2021.

Funded by a generous grant from Regional Arts & Culture Council. For question, please contact Karl at