Alexander Balbir, PhD: WWP Helps Vets with TBI or Chronic Neurological Conditions Thrive at Home

The underlying goal of Wounded Warrior Project’s Independence Program is to help veterans thrive back home, in their communities. WWP staff all over the country offer clinical and non-clinical support systems to vets with TBI and/or neurological conditions such as finding a case manager, caregiver network, or alternative treatments like art, music, or equine therapies.

Alexander Balbir, PhD, is the Director of Independent Services at Wounded Warrior Project.

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We tailor our programs to individuals who've sustained a moderate or severe brain injury or a spinal cord injury but also we work with individuals who are dealing with and managing a chronic neurological disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's. We work with them. We focus our programs on these neurological conditions that generally will decrease someone's ability to live independently. These individuals tend to rely on a caregiver, or a group of caregivers, or a caregiver network to help sustain them in their home and community. Generally speaking we have staff, Wounded Warrior Project staff, all over the country. Those Wounded Warrior Project staff are very familiar with the Independence Program and the services we provide. So when we have staff who are at a hospital, an acute care facility, and they meet someone who sustained a brain injury or spinal cord injury, we can start the process of getting them into the Independence Program. At that point we'll go through and do a specific type of assessment. That assessment is usually done by our Independence Program staff. We just get some baseline information really trying to understand where you are in your journey, whether you need additional supports and services. We try to focus on the need you know and really address the needs specifically. And then we'll also be working with our contract case management staff as well to then go into the more of the clinical assessment, making sure all the clinical documentation is there, understanding a little bit more of your clinical needs, and to make sure that this program is really a good fit for you and something that we can provide you some good supports in the home and community.

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Posted on BrainLine September 21, 2021. Reviewed September 21, 2021.