How a Brain Injury Can Affect Gait

How a Brain Injury Can Affect Gait

A brief summary of current research.

The Chronic Effects of Concussion on Gait

Martini DN, Sabin MJ, DePesa SA, Leal EW, Negrete TN, Sosnoff JJ, Broglio SP Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Vol 92(4) , 2011, pp 585-589.

Researchers found that people with a history of concussion walked more cautiously than those without concussion. The mechanics of their walk included slower speed and more time on two legs during their stride. Also, this effect on walking became more profound as the number of concussions increased.

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Posted on BrainLine May 10, 2011.

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I completely understand how you feel....I've been in 2 car accidents where I was hit in the rear end twice. I'm going for a GAIT MRI today

I'm 7 months post TBI and on the hard days or after spending prolonged time in busy environments I start walking on the ball of my right foot, my calf muscle becomes tight, and its difficult to lift my foot up so I swing it out and around to take a step. My hip also tilts. I feel so out of control.

I would love to hear from anyone that I'm not alone in this and if there's anything I can be doing to lessen this occurrence.

My gait has altered since I had a PCS a year ago also injuring my lumbar spine went numb

I also fall over easy and the don't the NHS don't have anything good to say or diagnose

How do I get help with this

Anybody got any ideas

Me too. One leg is just always tripping. No doc has definitive answers though. It is super annoying because i cannot detect lack of coordination to stop my tripping.

no kidding, everything is so much slower.

i totally agree with this, not only has it change my gait

, it has caused me to fall very easy.