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We feature stories from people who have sustained a brain injury and who are doing their best to put their lives back together. We also hear from caregivers who share their experiences as they take care of the person they love and try to find the best in every day.

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A Good Job Done Well: Conquering Brain Injury One Step at a Time
February 18, 2019

For the past 14 years, I’ve been living a reasonably productive life with a brain injury. All things considered, I’ve done pretty well except for one big stumbling block.

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The Importance of Sleep after Brain Injury
January 7, 2019

It’s time to put a label on one of my biggest fears as a brain injury survivor: Backsliding. Over the last couple of months, I began to fear that this was happening to me until another survivor shared with me that lack of sleep exacerbated brain injury symptoms. And in two ticks of a clock, the lightbulb went on over my head.

David A. Grant blogs about life after brain injury

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BrainLine is incredibly lucky to collaborate with a group of outstanding bloggers willing to share their ups and downs, insights, and honest moments of both despair and hope.

Adam at Ease

Adam at Ease: A TBI Video Blog by Army Veteran Adam Anicich
Adam Anicich, Army Veteran

Adam, a former Army Sergeant and polytrauma patient, shares his story— along with some practical tips for managing life post-TBI.

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Getting Back on the Bike

David A. Grant, TBI Survivor

A bike ride on a fall day in New England turned out to be anything but typical. I never expected to be rushed by ambulance to the nearest trauma center with a traumatic brain injury ... 

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